Would you drive a car that looks like a smartphone?

The Toyota Fun-Vii was presented this week.

Answer #1


Answer #2

. No. It’s against the law to use a smartphone while you’re driving a car over here. . The cops would have a field day, and it is no use trying to argue with them. If they say it is a smartphone that you are using, while you are driving it, that is all that they care about, especially when they need to make up their quota of monthly motoring offence prosecutions. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #3

lol … great point of view :)

Answer #4

It looks weird lol, so no.

Answer #5

are the windows supposed to look like that? i think htats cool but they wont even let us drive with tinted windows harldey

Answer #6

Is it touchscreen everywhere? What apps can i get for it?

Answer #7

It looks awful. Who, other than people who’ve got way too much money, would want to buy it?

Answer #8

Hmm, sounds a lot like “Fun (ad)VII(ce).” I won’t drive it if you think it infringes on your copyright :P

Answer #9

What the hell is the point of having a sky of a car!!! Just look up at the sky, people are so lazy :/ P.S. I would never buy that, but I would like to see the fools bidding on this piece of junk.

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