Can I add transmission fluid to my truck?

Ok so I was changing the oil for the first time on my truck, but removed the drain plug for the tran. fluid, about two qts came out, can I just add some more or do I need to do a complete flush? It’s an 02 Sierra 4.8L v8 with 170k mi. Some one please help thanks.

Answer #1

Yes you can add trany fluid. It is very important to make sure it’s the right type for your particular truck so check with and auto parts store or dealer first DON’T put the wrong type in !!! Then, when adding fluid be sure not to overfill it. The engine needs to run long enough the warm up and get the transmission warm. Read the instructions on the transmission dipstick, it will say for example: “check when Idling in park” or other. Add a small amount of fluid at a time until it reads full and don’t overfill it because that will cause damage.

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