How to fix a big scrape on your car?

I was driving last night and going through a construction zone and I accidentally hit an orange cone, I don’t want my mom to know about it and I only have like $100 to fix it. What’s the best way to fix the paint?

Answer #1

Get a can of rubbing compound at your local auto parts store. This looks like it should rub right out………then go over it with a coat of wax. I’ve fixed worse scrapes than this one using this method.

The parts store employees will be happy to advise you.

Answer #2

What kind of wax would work best?

Answer #3

Well I like Mequiars Gold Class wax, but first you need to use rubbing compound to get the scratches / marks off the paint.

Answer #4

It’s that a dent on the top. Look at the top of the tire and go on up. Near the hood. I doubt any wax or compound will make it look like it was plus you will be removing the clear coat. Be honest, tell your mom and leave it to a professional. That’s about a $600-$800 job right there.

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