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I feel like I'm bugging friends.

Well, lately, I've been feeling like my friends are getting sick and tired of me and kind of just want me to go away. No one has actually told me that or implied that in any way, but I still get the underlying feeling that some or a lot of them do, it...


What do I get my son for his 21st birthday?

My son is married and has a 9 month old baby he will be 21 Jan 16th! what in the world should I get him? any ideas? he is always changing things he likes so im stuck


Baby boy name suggestions?

My fiancee are talking of having a baby in the next couple of years and we have talked a little about names. He like Giovanni Christopher for a boy (mind you his last name is 4 sylables) I think it is nice, but is it too long? Also, I think people woul...

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Should I let my child play video games?

Is it bad to let my child play video games on the week day when there getting good grades hes allod to play on the weekends but he wants to play on the week day because he gots good grades


need a middle name

we are having our first son we like the name Braxton and Jacob but we need a middle name our last name is hicks if that helps


Is a bassinet for a newborn baby worth the money?

When my son was born we were living in a studio apartment so his crib was next to our bed. I dont want to have a big bulky crib in our bedroom and im not comfortable with putting a new born in a room alone at first. Im also not comfortable with co-slee...

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What would you call your kids name

What would you call your kids names mine are 2 girls:Mercedes and Lorelai and 1 Boy:McKenzie I havnt had kids yet this is what im planning hope the bloke goes along with them lol


How to make my son behave all of the time?

My son is 4 years old, and in a 4yo pre-k program. he's an only child , but sometimes has to share the spot light with other kids that im babysitting. he is always getting into trouble because he jsut wont sit down, be quiet, listen to the teacher, an...


Babysitting phrases!

Okay so, I really need a catchy babysittting phrase..with summer im normally swamped but this whole first month has been nothing. I really need yalls help!

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Do you believe that children closer in age or children furthur in apart in age tend to get along and bond better?

I have a son who is two and im afraid he will miss out on that sibling connection of hes an only child, but were not ready to have another just yet.


What are some real unique names?

I like:jasmina pronounced:ya smi na
Alarajandra pronounced:alara yan dra
Alvina my name
Lejla pronouned:lay la
So what are urs???

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What hurts you more handspanking on bare bum or belting on jeans?

I am getting a spanking from tonight and I am thinking about avoiding big pain and welts. I am a 13 years old girl. I rarely get spanked from dad ,usually my mom spanks me

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who is the youngest jonas brother

I want to know about the jonas brothers more and learn about them to.


Bad Handwriting

My 13 year old son has handwriting like a 6 year old should I be worried? What can I do to help him is this a problem ?


When do babies stop drinking baby formula?

When do babies stop drinking baby formula?


how do I handle my troubled 14 yr old?

how do I handle my 14 yr old? she drinks smokes has done drugs been in trouble with the police skips school etc etc ?


Have you ever had second thoughts on your baby name?

have you ever had secong thoughts on what to name your baby..when it's already been two years? I named my baby angel roze(yes with a z, it was her dad's idea) but ever since I was a little girl I wanted to name my baby Alexis Renee or Sophie Onalou(it'...

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2 month old son's ear pierced?

My son is 2months as most of you know, im thinking about having his left ear pierced, just a tiny diamond stud nothing huge, tacky or chavvy, personally I think it will look really cute. What do you guys think?

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How do I make my 2yr. old to stop saying no to me?

Any time I tell him or ask him to do some thing. A big"NO" comes out of his mouth.I can ask him to pick up his toys or sit down for lunch and I get the same answer. It makes it really hard to not focus on the negitive when what I hear from him is negit...


what is average wrist size for two year old girl?

measuring the wrist size of the average 2 year old girl, what is the size in inches?

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Is it legal to spank your kid with a paddle?

spank your kid with a paddle???


How can I help my daughter see that she deserves more?

My 17 yr old daughter has been dating a boy her age for almost 2 years. She can't seem to see he is holding her back from everything. Friends, school, etc. She's his alarm clock, driver, schedule keeper, etc. How can I "help" her see that she deser...

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How do I get my 8 month old baby to drink a bottle at one time?

My 8 month old is drinking about 5 oz, well last I knew she was. Now she wont drink a whole bottle at one time unless she is sleeping. She'll let me feed her for only a few sips of the bottle and then she doesn't want it, but then she'll want it 5 mins...


What makes a good babysitter, advice?

I need some help.I would like to no what to do when a child throws a tantrum, hurts his self or misses his parents.


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