What hurts you more handspanking on bare bum or belting on jeans?

I am getting a spanking from tonight and I am thinking about avoiding big pain and welts. I am a 13 years old girl. I rarely get spanked from dad ,usually my mom spanks me

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what exactly are you being spanked for on a regular basis???at 13??? calling childrens aid or welfare is going a little crazy too early but seriously are you deservign of this kind of treatment??either way you answer it doesnt make regular beattings ok...

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You can use anything you want but you can not leave a mark thats what you should be looking for if you want to be throw around from fam to fam.

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I get spanked by my dad my mum works for child aid you can spank a person till their 18 with just your hand but you can not use a belt or and object because using an object is a illegal sorry

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At 13, you are a little old to be getting yer arse smacked. When a kid is young and acts up its one thing, because you can barely spank them and they cry. But you are nearly full grown and to cause pain in you the parent would have to damn near injure you. Not good.

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Take the belt. Three reasons.
-The jeans absorb some of the energy, like really light armor.
-Your mom will hit you less hard because she's using a weapon.
-Bare skin spanking is wicked painful, usually more so than the spanker intends.

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Well, I suppose what you got would need to depend on what you were being punished for. And who was giving the belting and who was giving the handspanking

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there is nothing better for a child then a spank at the right time and place, if you call child's aid then think the following through, Emotional scaring is way worse then a good old spank, it hurts and you get it over and done with.

if I am a parent and my child calls child aid I will do the following:

go to court and convince the judge that I am the worse parent ever and my child belongs in an orphanage or foster home.

Trust me after a month or 2 you will come running back to daddy.

Respect your parents and it will take you far in life, it is a stupid law to have it illegal, (luckily it is not enforced where I live)

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I say they are both trrible, but that was when I was like five

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You better call child welfare, you're mother can't be assaulting you like that.

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Are you serious emmy 11!!! life isnt about abuse. it's about soul making and living and learning. you are psycho and should never have children as they will grow to resent you. it is best to be your childs friend, so they will open up and are willing to be honest. im not saying a good spanking isnt in the mix, but there is a line that shouldnt be crossed. I find the best way to get through to my children is grounding them from the outside world. once you take away all privileges I find them to come crawling back with nothing but respect as this gives them time to think about who is incontrol and head of the house hold. they need to learn that they are living under your roof and to respect your rules as they grow under your wing. bianca I think you should sit down with your parents/father before he spanks you again and ask what you did to derserve this and the lesson they are trying to teach you by spanking you and how it will help the situation as two negatives do not make a positive. and I think you should ask to be grounded rather than spanked as you will have time to think over your actions and believe it or not this will help you bond with your parents. if they continue to spank you, you will never appreciate them and I think you should let them know. and try to help them understand where you are coming from aswell. discipline is not always a bad thing. I think you should understand that aswell. hope it all works out!

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Spanking on the jeans with a belt is probably true, but if the jeans is wet, watch out for some real pain.

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