What my baby will look like?

I am 5 foot 2, carmel complexion.I have hazel brown eyes.my hair color is black and brown.my husband is 6'1,mixed complexion.he have browns eyes and black hair

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sometimes it is hard to say usually the child takes rate after the father because there genes are more dominate then the females. I mean I have hazel eyes and brown hair and my fiance has red hair and blue eyes. our baby has blue eyes and light brown hair. my mother and her two brothers looked nothing alike. it all depends but dont get your hopes up if you baby comes out looking nothing like either of you, it just happens sometimes thats the way the human body works. in most cases the child will tend to look like both parents but a little more like the father until they grow up then they start looking like the mother.

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really? I thought babies took the darker complexion. I think your baby will have black hair brown eyes and he'll more than likely take the darker complexion

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