What are these bumps on my 3yr old???

Okay so my 3yr old woke up tuesday morning with a few red bump on the side of his belly and a few on his shoulder he expressed that they itched so I put itching cream on it. Today is now friday and he has a few more on his chest I looked up chicken pox but they all said puss filled and I was wondering can it be chicken pox please help hes hasnt complained once they dont bother him at all I will see him rub them a few times a day but nothing serious...thanks guys

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You should take him to the doctor. It could be chicken pox or it could also be something else like hives from an allergy to animals or food. Hope he's ok!

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ok sometimes chicken pox arent puss filled... has your child had a fever lately?? if there is an underlying infection accompanied with a fever than he could have scarlet fever which is not too too serious but either way you need to get to a doctor and get the babe checked. it could just be an allergy... do you have pets??? could be flea bites too.

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it can be plenty of things... allergic reaction might be the one though. Did you introduce new types of food or environment to your child recently? either way you should take your baby to the doctors.

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If it doesnt go away, you should take him to the doctors.

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