When should I let my 11 yearold get her nose pierced?

My 11 year old wants to get her nose pierced now, but I told her 13 might be better. I am hoping she will forget about it! Is that too young?

Answer #1

Yes ! that is absolutley way to young maybe wait until she is responsible and reliable enough to make her own choices.Maybe 16+ would be much better dont let her push you over.

Answer #2

I dont condone piercings, but im also not too big when parents go overboard on the life lessons. Tell her that she should wait a while, at least until she is in high school, and mature enough to take care of everything herself. let her make her own choices, when you see that she is ready to take on any problems that come with them, let her do as she chooses. thats the only way that kids will learn. if you say no right away, she’ll rebel. thats a known fact.

Answer #3

when you think yur daughter is mature enough x

Answer #4

I think 11 is too young. If you let her start at 11, then when the nose clears up, she will want another one and so on…

I have my nose pierced and I am 16. I got it done at 15. and I got my belly button done at 13.

on the other hand, it is just a piercing, and a small one at that. definitely don’t let her get tattoos or anything. but piercings- you can just take out if one day she decides she dosent like it.

11 is too young. 13 is better. try letting her get her ears done, or done again if she already has them.

or make her research about nose piercings herself. so that she knows exactly what shes doing.

make her pay for it herself. and pay for anything to do with it.

mine got infected and I had to pay for the antibiotics myself, which was good because it made me more careful.

but 11 is too young for nose piercings.

maybe ask her why she wants it done? her reasons could be just that a celebrity she likes has it done, and if this is the case, then I don’t think you should let her. she will change her favorite celebrities all the time.

Answer #5

My parents let me get it done when I was 13. they said that I had to keep it clean and if it got infected all well. lol. but if you feel like she can do it and handle the pain (it does hurt)now lettt her.

Answer #6

I’d say 13 if she gets or keeps a 3.0 + GPA. Let her know its a priveledge and that she needs to earn it. If her grade slacks push it back to 16 with the same stipulations. The good thing about a nose piercing is they typically heal very well and very quickly once taken out.

Answer #7

I think that if she can take care of it and clean it by herself then yes…but if you want her to wait then tell her that she can get one when shes say 16 or whatever age you think is right but make sure you tell her that you will see about it later like in 2 or 3 years before you think about it again.

Answer #8

I started piercing myself around that age. Now I’m 30 and have had countless body piercings. I still have lip piercing, septum, a couple ear piercings and stretched lobes but removed most of my jewelry about 5 years ago. I remove my facial piercings for work as a work a professional job. Nostril piercings tend to heal with minimal to no scarring. 11 is a little young. A reputable piercing shop (one that is APP approved) will not touch her without her being at least 15 and with a parent/legal guardian present to sign a consent form. The biggest argument against body piercings on minors (including ear lobes) is that the body is still growing so a perfect placement on a youth will not be perfect when the body reaches maturity.

Answer #9

no, thats too young even 13 is too young shes a child she wants everything, then when shes older most of those wants will completely change 11 is way to young to be getting permament holes in her face also, most profesional piercers wont even pierce an 11 year old childs face, even with parental consent because they know shes too young there is no reason for her to be getting facial piercings at her age

Answer #10

I believe you should tell her the results of not taking care of it. If you warn her of these things maybe she will back away for awhile until she feels that she is ready. I would try to make her forget about it for a while by giving her things that you think may teach her responsibility, but still don’t forget that she is only 11 still.

Answer #11

My parents had my ears pierced when I was quite young, which I’m not too opposed to. I think that when it comes to the more direct facial piercings, though, that this gets a lot more tricky. I think that a child anywhere from 1-15 should not have them done. 16-18 isn’t too bad. This allows them time to grow as a person and make wiser decisions on things as such.

Although she wants the piercing now, she may not even want it in a few years. So, I think she should wait longer.

That’s my opinion.

Answer #12

it may be a lil young but it is easy to understand that you can take the ring out and let it grow over! ANd you can lie about your age to get one!

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