What age is to early to potty train?

Cole is 17 almost 18 months old im starting to potty train him because he tells me when he has to go but how can I be sure hes ready and not too young?

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you answer your own question

"" because he tells me when he has to go"""

that is how you know.. plus 1 year old is a perfect year to start the potty lessons

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Dear Cole's Mommy,
Cole may be more intrigued with the process, the attention he is receiving, and the celebratory moments, "Good Boy!, Great Job!" Once the newness wears off, he becomes ill, or there is a significant change in his young life he may revert. Cole may or may not have the maturity to maintain the process, however there are little things Mommy, Daddy, and his caregivers can do to cement his new 'skill'.
Consider making going potty an adventure. Little boys love to 'sink' things; a square of toilet paper, a disposable baby wipe, even an M & M. This will help with his aim, and make it fun.
If he reverts...don't sweat it. Little boys take longer to potty train than little girls...and you can never have these precious moments with your son back again. Create happy memories!

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