Is it legal for my ex's girlfriend to spank my son?

I just found out that my son is being spanked bare butt by my x’s girlfreind is that legal if it is not her child???

Answer #1

I went through a 4week foster parent course put on through cps. It is not illegal to spank your child in all states. In WA state you can spank your child as long as there no being spanked hard enough to leave any bruises or marks. And there is nothing that states you cannot spank a child bare butt.

Also if your ex is giving her permission to spank your child you cannot legally bring any charges against her.

My daughter is now 11yrs old and I spanked her til she was 9, but only when needed which wasn’t very often. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. My daughter is a good kid. Spanking is a form of discipline.

There is a big difference between spanking and abuse. For the people on here who don’t believe in spanking actually have kids? Cause its been my experience that people who don’t believe in it tend to not have kids or they just have really bad kids. Lol.

Anyways if someone else was spanking my child I would be upset to. I have never let anyone besides myself even family spank my child. You really need to just find out what the laws in your state are.

If you really don’t like it, you can talk to your ex and let him know that you don’t like that his girlfriend is spanking your kid, especially bare butt.

There might be something that could be done but I would just about guarantee that nothing could be done to her legally maybe a warning but that’s it. Best of luck to you!

Answer #2

its not illeagal to spank your child however when there is cause for concern or someone has put in an inquiry to an agency then further measures may be taken to insure the childs safety…

Answer #3

I think that her doing that is WRONG. She has absolutely no right to do that and you really need to talk to her about it. And I’m just wondering, how is it illegal to spank your child?

Answer #4

sorry I didnt read the question thouroughly… umm thats more difficult… now there are soo many ways to avoid spanking and if she is spanking him on bare skin…I can understand your worry… document any occurances you feel are negative in raising a child, dates even photos if you can… once you feel you have enough to make a case try fighting for primary custody… first talk to your ex in a manner he would not feel threatened and truthfully express your concern… it sounds like the new girlfriend is a biit spitefull…I myself am a step parent and would NEVER dream of striking my step kids…keep a close eye…again disregard my first reply…good luck

Answer #5

It isn’t legal for a parent to smack there child any-more so what she is doing is not legal, however getting the police involved isn’t going to solve an awful lot. you need to speak to your ex about it firstly and see what he has to say. Also how do you no that she has been doing this? is there any physical evidence? depending on what your x says then see if you can speak to his girlfriend if you are up to doing this. if he is leaving your son in her care even if its only for an half an hour and your son is miss behaving you are going to want him to be disciplined but only in the way which you believe is right? so for instants a naughty step etc. I don’t believe stopping your son from seeing his father is the right method but maybe asking him for her not to be around until she can agree that, that isn’t the right way to punish a child no matter what they have done. hope this helps. good luck.

Answer #6

in canada no!!! why is you ex in the position to discipline your child?? thats the real question…

Answer #7

What the fuck…are you serious omg first of all get a freaking restraining order for your son and the rest of your family or better yet sue her…if it were me I would have hit her upside her face…look talk to your ex ok

Answer #8

Thats really cruel. I would have it out with your ex’s girlfriend if I were you. Its unacceptable and she has no right! Hes your son and its your job to discipline him if he has done wrong not the other woman. Dont let your son go to his fathers until its sorted out. Shes taking advantage of the fact that she can do what she wants if its under her roof! It could lead into something further like actual abuse if she thinks shes getting away with it :)

Answer #9

no one should ever slap a child and it just wrong you should talk to her about it

Answer #10

if it was his real mother doing it it would still be wrong in my eyes but id class this as an assult…

go the police and see what they have to say, and take pictures of the slap marks and/or bruises if the lil fella has any.

Answer #11

All I can say is if anyone layed a finger on my kids they’d better damm watch out. No, she has no right to do this, I would keep him away from her. Talk to your ex about this and make it clear that she cannot lay a finger on him.

Answer #12

That’s not legal even if it was her child.

While spanking is considered fair with reasonable force, it has to be OVER the clothing - never on bare skin.

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