what do you think I should do to have a baby when my fiance doesnt?

I want to have a baby and my fiance don’t what should I do? We have been together awhile and I no we are ready. I have already had two misscarriges.

Answer #1

I think that you should respect his wishes. If you love him then you should respect him, if you try to trick him or trap him then you can’t respect him. Wait till you are both ready, otherwise you will drive him away. Also, since you’re only 16 you should wait until you’re older and able to financially and emotionally support a baby.

Answer #2

talk to him if you want kids and he doesnt that can be a big backwards step in your realtionship so dicuss with him if he will ever be ready for kids and if he is, when he will be

Answer #3

tell him this is what you realy want and if he really loves you he will be there to support you through all this

Answer #4

If he doesnt want kids, then I dont know what you can do. I mean how would you feel if someone tried to tell you that they know you’re not ready for kids? How can you say you know another person is ready for kids? It isnt about his love for you. And yeah, some guys may fall in love once a baby is there, a lot of guys leave… A lot of the messed up kids I work with have had their fathers abandon them… Respect his decision, if you want to be with someone who wants kids right away, then find another guy.

Answer #5

Well my and my boyfriend have been together 4 1/2 years. And he didnt want kids eathier. Well I got pregnant and he wanted to give him up for adoption. Untill he held him in his arms. sometimes all it takes is an “oops” if you catch my drift and seeing a liltle life that they have created is just enough. I hope that help as “bad”: as it sounds I think seeing a baby might just be enough.That only if you truly plan on spending your life togethr I would imagian he just couldnt be mad he just scared and ya cant blame him is a BIG step in life to have kids. Good Luck to you both!!

Answer #6

You should talk to your partner, definitely. Are you sure you would really want to have a baby with someone who isn’t ready for kids and might not ever be? You don’t want to do this behind his back and get pregnant “accidentally” either, it will cause more problems. Just talk to him, and if you’re serious about having a child, and you want whats best for this child, then think again.

Answer #7

You are ONLY 16, you are WAY to young to have children.

Wait a few more years, until your body is matured and can handle a pregnancy better.

Also it is really selfish to go ahead with a pregnancy while your partner doesn’t want a baby. He is also going to have to take responsibility, so it should be a joint choice. Don’t decide on this without discussing it with him fully.

Answer #8

I dont want to sound like a lecture, but please enjoy your life now that you can. You think having a baby its just about changing his diaper and feeding him and watching him sleep well no. Its hard you need a job to support the liltle ones needs. Think about it. I just to thing the same way as you “oh im ready I have taken care of my nephews I can do the same for my own baby” and here I am with two daughters and it is so hard. I hardly ever go out and its not fun at all seeing your highschool friends go to the prom while you get to stay home to take care of your baby. When you babysit its fun k you get to give the baby back when she is crying you only get the fun times but whe is your own baby you get to be there when he/she has colics or a high fever or just doesnt feel like going to sleep at 3 of the morning . Please think about it. wait for the right time which its not now at the age of 16.

Answer #9

You should talk to him and find out if he’s not wanting a baby RIGHT NOW, or if he’s not wanting one EVER. Having a child is a very big responsibility, and it can put strain on a relationship. I am speaking from experience on this. I’m only 24 and I have 2 daughters, ages 4 and 3. I’m not married, but I am still engaged to their daddy. We have been together for 11 years now. We love each other very much, and decided together to have a child. It’s not a good idea to get pregnant on purpose, while making him think you are still trying to respect his feelings. That is a very bad decision, you would bring a child into this world, into a relationship built on a lie. If you are only 16, I would say WAIT. I got pregnant when I was 18, and had my oldest daughter when I was 19. I love my daughters more than life itself, but I wish we would have waited until we were more financially ready. I mean you are just now old enough to have a job, barely making minimum wage. It costs a lot of money to raise a baby, and it doesn’t get any cheaper. I would say talk to him about it, and if he does want children, but just not right now then wait a while and see where things go from there. Best of luck to you

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