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How do you spell antarticae?

I want to write a story about a polar bear and I if want to write this story, I need to know how to spell antarticae.


What's a good baby name for a boy?

can you help me find good name to name a baby boy that is due in the 8 jan please thank u.


is this normal for a 12 month old baby?

my son is 12 months old and drinks 18oz of our milk aday and 14oz of his baby formula with 2 snacks and eats baby food. my question here is is it normal for my son to gag when he is offerend babyfood that has more texture to it? I am really worried abo...


AnyOne Thats Been in Chalkville Campus for Juviniles

how to find information about my juvinile granddaughter that's in chalkville campus for girls in chalkville,al. near b'ham


What to do while babysitting a 4 year old boy

Hi everyone!

So, my mom lined up a babysitting job for me today for sometime this week, and I need some advice.
Usually I babysit kids in like 2nd through 5th grade (mostly 3rd and 4th graders).
When I asked my mom how old the kid was, she said 4 ...


When is a rude disrespectful daughter too old for a spanking?

My 10yr old daughter is rude and disrespectful.
Scolding, grounding her means nothing to her.
Is she too old for a spanking?


how do i change my sons last name from his fathers to mine?

Can i do this without permission of his father? i have full custody and he only sees my son when he feels like it


Sick baby

I know that you can't give a 6 month old cough and cold medicine. But, is there anything I can do for her? She was in the hospital the last couple of days b/c she has rsv. But, she is coughing like crazy and I feel so bad for her.. What can I do??


When is a good time to put a 12 year old to bed?

I dont no when to put a 12 year old to bed???can someone help me??? I would love it

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When is the right time to have another baby?

I have a 8month old baby but I am currently on the injection which don't run out till may by the she would b 10 months and I was thinking of having another. And no nasty or stupid answers


How old can my son babysit

Hi my son is 14yrs old and I've just been offred a job and I need to find out if my son can look after his brothers and sister from 8am till 4ish or will I need child care

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How to pick a formula for my baby?

I changed the way I burped her and her hiccups are fewer and farther between! thank you!!
K- Now her umbilical cord has fallen off she is nine days old...
I will be sure to direct my other questions to you as my husband is of very little help thanks ag...


How to get my daughter to sleep?

Hi and thanks in advance.
my dautgter is 2 1/2 years old me and my wife have not changed any thing in her life.
up till about 31/2 weeks ago evrything was great.
now with every night she screams for 30 min to 1 hour or more, when its time for bed.


Daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood

My daughter is 3 years old and when she has a poo there is blood and she gets cramps. I been to the doctors and the is no change.

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What my baby will look like?

I am 5 foot 2, carmel complexion.I have hazel brown hair color is black and husband is 6'1,mixed complexion.he have browns eyes and black hair

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What are some good names for triplets?

what are some good names 4 triplets.(2girls and a boy)


What will our baby look like?

What will our baby look like when its born


Can a 13 year old be a babysitter?

iam a mom of three boys and I want to know can a 13 year be a babysitter ?

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Who sings baby we can do it take the time do it right?

Who sings baby we can do it take the time do it right?


How to get to know the girls and get them to like me?

I have just started helping out at a Rainbows group (Like Brownies, Guides etc.) I have been there one night but I was wondering if there were any tips on how to get to know the girls and get them to like me. It's not like they don't like me, but anoth...


How do I bond and interact more with my 2 year old son please?

I suffered a terrible 10 month pregancy. wont go into details. and 2 years on theres still not much of a bond between me and my 2 year old son. I love him very much and wouldnt be withou him but I want to know how to love/bond with him more/better? I a...


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