When is the right time to have another baby?

I have a 8month old baby but I am currently on the injection which don't run out till may by the she would b 10 months and I was thinking of having another. And no nasty or stupid answers

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wait til atleast the baby you have has atleast had time to grow ya know;;
because a lot of parents tend to have kids too close together
so that the older ends up becoming forced to b independent at
a young age because you'll be busy with the new baby
so I think atleast 3 or 4...my mom had me and my oldest sis 6 years apart
lol and me and my lil sis(rip) 3 years apart.

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You think you want another one, but wait until she goes through her 'Terrible Twos' phase and tells you no to everything and doesn't do what you ask and dumps things, throws things, makes messes, etc. You're not going to want another little one to deal with at the same time as this is happening. Especially not when that little one is probably just starting to crawl and get into mischief. It's not as good an idea as it sounds. Haha

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When you are financially able to support another one and are sure if anything with your partner ever went wrong, you could do it on your own.

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Alrighty then. Good luck. :)

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well I will try my best and gunna have another

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I would wait till the 8 month old is about 1 or 2

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shes a good baby I feel ready for another now

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