When should i stop giving my 5 week old baby the pear juice?

My 5 week old baby was having problems pooping on his own. The doctors switch his formula from Similac to enfamil to Nutramigen. He was pooping once a day on his own wit the Nutramigen and then stop. So now I have to give him one ounce of oragnic pear juice in the morning and evening and now he poops once a day for me. But when do I stop giving it to him?

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My friend had the same issue with her baby. It doesn't hurt to continue giving them the juice. She is now 16 months old and doing great with no bowel problems. We had to give her the juice until she was about a year old.

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You should contact the doctor that prescribed him and ask. Otherwise just keep giving it to him, if there was a date you should stop by, your doctor would have told you.

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as long as he's able to go it should be fine to keep giving it to him. but ask his dr or wic about it. and you can always cut it down too like every other day and see how he does with that.

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