When is a good time to put a 12 year old to bed?

I dont no when to put a 12 year old to bed???can someone help me??? I would love it

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when I was 12 I went to bed on week nights at 10pm, and on weekends I could stay up untill 2am watching tv or being quiet in my room or something.

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ok I am 14 in like 8 days ... so I go to bed at 10 on school nights or I cant learn good... and the weekend around 11 ... hope I helped :)

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I think they should be in bed by 9:00pm on weekdays, but can read/play on laptop/play gameboy etc in bed for half an hour (9:30) so they will be asleep by 10:00pm.

In the weekend, it depends what they are doing the next day. If you guys had to get up early to go out, then it's unfair to have the kid stay up until midnight the night before because they will get tired and grumpy.
But if the following day is just relaxed, then midnight would be an okay time I guess. It depends a lot on the child. I have never really needed much sleep, my sister on the other hand can't function without enough sleep.

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friday and saturday nights they should be able to stay up for as long as you stay up or longer depending on how mature they are and what they would do if they were up at night alone. on school nights I think between 9 and 10 is a reasonable bedtime for a twelve year old. if they stay up to late they will be tired for school and likely not be able to focus like they need to

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Sun-Thurs 10..fri-sat..whenever

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at about 10:30 pm on weeknights
but it depends on your family and him
compromise! :)

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Week Night: 9:00pm
Friday: Whenever they damn well please!
Saturday: Whenever they damn well please!
Sunday: 9:00pm


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On a Saturday night?? 10 or 11:00

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on a weekend. whenever they want/ on a school day 10 or 11

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i think 9:00 or 10:00 is a good time for a school night and on weekends maybe 11:00 :]

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my bad? ...

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lmao .. i dont care alot of people probally think that.. :) follow for a follow?

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like 9:00ish and on weekends 10:30 maybe even 11:15ish

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on the weekends, stay up as late as they want, but on school nights, i went to bed around 9:00

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10:30 and let them watch tv in bed for a while

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