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hes shaking!

I just got a kitten and hes really warm right now and he isnt as playful he shakes and his nose isnt wet
I am freaking out
is there something I can do before I have to run to the vet?
money is tight!

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What is the lifespan of a pallas cat?

I heard of a pallas cat what is it and what is the lifespan,weight and no. Of young


What do I feed new born cockatiels?

My bird laid eggs the other day.when the eggs hatch what do I give the birds to feed the they just eat bird seeds like the parents?


Are rabbits a good pet?

do rabbits make good pets

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how can I tell if my cat is blind in one eye ?

hi, I have a male cat called BOY. he is about 19 years old,and deaf. he has one blue eye and one green eye. one day in the week he came in with dirt on his side as if he had had a fall or a knock of some sort, he seemed a little odd but I didnt worry t...


Can birds swim?

Can birds swim?


How to make sure Chihuahua puppies survive?

what are the best ways to ensure survival of chihuahua puppies?


Can pet turtles live outside in cold winters?

If we get turtles and they live out side can they stay there in the winter (I live in Nebraska and threre are clod winters) or should I bring them inside?


What is parvo that kills puppies?

I miss my chihuahua puppy mika who died last night of parvo. This is my first pet and I don't know what parvo is but shes gone and I miss her so much. I'm so depressed.


What kind of animals/ fish can be in the same tank with red eared slider turtles?

i plan on getting a turtle and just wanted to know if i could add any other pets into the tank


Why did my rabbit eat her Kits?

Well, my rabbit is three years old, and I had just gotten her about 2 to 3 months ago, well the day before yesterday, I noticed she was nesting, so I left her alone and about 1 or 2 hours later I looked in her cage and found her eating one of the kits....


Can hamster mites spread to humans?

Can hamster mites spread to humans even if you shave them really good?


Why is my puppy peeing when people speak to her?

what is causing my puppy to pee when ever she is spoken to by some people at different times?


Hamsters Tails

My hamster has a red tip on her tail. What could it be?


What can I give my dog for a fever?

what can I give my dog for a temperature


How can I cure cushings disease?

My elderly horse has a disease called Cushings. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's when she doesn't shed out all of her winter coat in the summer. It's left over dead ugly brown hair on her sides. It makes her look horrid, and she is a ...


Cat poops under bed

My kitten has a habit of pooping under beds, he poops in his litter box too but how can I get him out of this habit?

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My dog has this weird red color under her eyes...

I just got a new dog over the summer. Her name is Maggie and she is Maltese/bison mix. Her eyes always turn that red color under them. Is there anyway to like not make her eyes do that or is there some kind or cream or something?


Advice on my new puppy?

Hi I need some puppy advice I have a puppy I recently got and well the puppy is ever so cute well behaved but I have a few things that I wonder I was told that the puppy was friendly and need a lot of attention whitch I have and will keep doing so I'll...


how often do you have to clean a bearded dragons cage?

I am buying a male bearded dragon and id like to know if they are easy to take care of and how often you should clean their cage


Is it true that ants never sleep?

If so, How do they get their rest and energy? It's hard to believe they do all that work (carrying things well over their own body weight) without sleeping or something.


How long does it take for a dog to have puppies?

How long it takes for a dog to have puppies?


Komodo dragon

How fast does a komodo dragon run? Lol

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can I have a shi tzu if im allergic to dogs?

I have ashtma and am allergic to dogs but I hear shi tzus are safe and most people arnt allergic to them?


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