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How do I disipline 8 year old children?

How do I disipline 8 year old children that are not mind? ie screaming and yelling they refuse to go to school.


Is vaginal discharge normal for a newborn baby girl?

I just had a baby and it is a girl and she is 1 day old is it normal for her to spot blood out of her vagina and to have vaginal disharge because her doctor said that most baby girls do that i was just wanting to make sure and to get other peoples advi...

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Is 7.2 pounds big for a newborn?

Is 7.2 pounds heavy for a new born cas when my baby was born all the nurses kept tellin me how big he was and I didnt think he was big at all

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What do you think of the girl names "Vivian" and "Viviana"?

What are your impressions about a person named Vivian and Viviana? I would like a girl name which represents the characters of being happy, sweet, smart, independent, confident. Would you please give me some advice? Thanks.


what are somer good names that start with s, d and a?

what are somer good names that start with s, d and a?


I'm having a baby boy, name suggestions?

I'm having a baby boy... and can't seem to think of a name... Help?


Do you believe that children closer in age or children furthur in apart in age tend to get along and bond better?

I have a son who is two and im afraid he will miss out on that sibling connection of hes an only child, but were not ready to have another just yet.


How should I teach my son to be gentle to animals?

He is not gentle to my sisters dog. I don't know to go about teaching him to be gentle

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5 year olds and naps

my 5 year old does not take naps, she goes to preK in the afternoon.
I am divorced and when she goes to his house , he makes her nap.
She is stressing out and does not want to go because she says she cannot sleep and has to lay and look at the walls...


How can I keep my three year old in bed all night?

I have a three year old daughter who used to sleep through the night up until a few months ago. We have her in a toddler bed, which is easy access for her it get up and come into my husband and my room. She can go to sleep okay but gets ups several t...


What would you name your baby?

If you had a baby boy or girl, what would you name it?


Future Baby Pics

Is there a site where you can morph two people to get a projected image of what their child may look like?


Baby constipation?

Okay so my friend's baby is 3 and half months old and is 9 or 10 pounds,..possible more. That is true! And I watch him constantly grunt and whine because he can't poop. She says her doctor said just let him grunt it out.. I think the doctor is a stupid...


Im a babysitter; What are fun things I can do?

Okay well I guess you already know I babysit for money...Wow that sounds kidna bad..

but anyway what are fuun things I can do with kids ages 6-8?

You know fun things, including outdoors but STAY AWAY FROM VIDEO GAMES!

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What can I do while babysitting 3 year old boys?

Im babysitting 3 year old boys! What are some fun things to do with them? (no markers included!)
Thanks in advance! :D

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Why do young children and babies always stare at me with the greatest interest?

If a baby sees me, it puts a huge grin on its face.:D And it will go out of its way to make sure that it has nobody in its line of sight, just to look at me..For example, I was at Safe-way and there was the most adorable baby/toddler in the shopping ca...


Spoiled 3 year old

Well now im kickin myself in the butt!!!I have a 3 year old son who is compleatly spoiled and I have never disaplined him!!!now that my $ situation is getting a little rough I cant spoil him as much so now hes going out of control he screams and cries ...

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How to babysit a 6 year old girl?

Okay , the only person I have ever babysat is my brother and hes only 3 years younger than me , so honestly I have no idea what I'm doing. I've taken a babysitting course 3 years ago but I need help knowing how to entertain a 6 year old girl?, what to ...

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Cool names for a baby boy.

We are expecting This coming June 17. Does anyone have any cool names for a baby boy?


How can you spot a child molester?

How can you spot a child molester?


Why does my 15yr old daughter speak to me with such disrespect?

My 15yr old daughter is so hostile, and rude, and disrespectful. She terrorizes the whole family. She's been given "tools" for effective communication but refuses to use them. She knows I find her rude/hateful behavior devastating enjoys "pushing my bu...


Daughter with braces an need to get them off

How do you get braces off teeth at home

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why does my baby brother keep crying is it the formula?

because the cans are translated n spanish so i just give him up to number one milk and another number of nursery water..


How to discipline a 3-year-old?

What are ways to discipline my 3 year old when he is throwing a temper tantrum in the store? Thanks :)


Timeouts vs. Spankings

Which do you choose? I got 'whoopins' lol!

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