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I was thinking of naming my twins (Girls) Rockett Bizarre and Ivony Lyric. Are these names okay? I like them because there creative and different...

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no those kids would be humiliated in school when they get older duh

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think about your child's wellbeing and future when you name them. dn't set them up for failure by being tooo original..actually that's not even original, those names are more weird than anything. I never thought lyric sounded like someone's NAME, and the other names, are juss..ridiculous lol srry but they are. be original and safe with it..not wacky. because of those names, your kids may never get hired for a job.

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I think those names are a bit too original.Your kids would be made fun of at school.I like stuff like
Addison,Genivieve,Ivory,Lyla,Lola,Jem and I have this one friend named Learon(Lee-ron)and it's the prettiest name EVAH!I love it!I think lyric just doesn't sound like a name,and Rockett Bizarre kinda sounds like a stripper name.Originality is good,but you don't want your baby to come home from school crying because people called her Rockett-Kookoo or something.My cousins name is Opal Miranda(oooh.Miranda's pretty to)and she used to get called Oval,and it doesn't seem like a good insult or anything,but to a 7 year old that can kill.

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Do you mean Ivory, or is it really Ivony? (both are beautiful!!)

I'm not a fan at all of Rockett Bizarre- especially bizarre, which implies strange, odd, weird... To give a beautiful name to one girl, and one that creates images of a 80's punk rock cartoon villain (think Misfits from the show Jem), is unfair to her. Maybe Rockell (or Rochell, depending on how you pronounce the name) would even be a bit better. She's going to have to be an adult one day, applying for a job, and having a 'stage' name may hurt her chances at appearing professional. All that aside- it's ultimately your choice. :) (Ivory/Ivony Lyric is the prettiest name I've heard in ages!)

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well I think they are unique but you have to think that your kids gonna have to go to school and job interviews with that name. How about Ivory instead Ivony? and Rockete is pretty but bizarre is just kinda...bizarre.

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Renesmee is a good one...

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I don't like bizarre or lyric. Your poor kids might get teased. Really original names are great, but if it sounds strange or rhymes with anything then you should be careful.

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I think esmerelda is BEAUTIFUL

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I had a horse named ivory and I loved the name and if it does not work out try nitro awsome for a boys name

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roc is a verry pretty name but bizarre REALLY?!?! and ivory lyric is pretty period but I would think twice about little rocketts middle name

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I think london katherine and twinkle or ivory ten-kate

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I really like them names you dont hear it a lot

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they sound like porn star names..I think Bizarre is a porn site..not sure but I think so

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