How can i plan twin babies?

I want tips to get pregnant with twin babies, better if one is boy another is girl.
I wants to enjoy having two babies together.
Even I want to get only one time pregnant.
Wants to have the twin experience.

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I don't know...

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You can go to a fertility clinic and have the sperm fertilized with the egg and then implanted. Unfortunately there's no guarantee even then.

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Weeelll you could get IVF done- but it would cost you $50,000 and is one of the least fun ways to get pregnant.

Honestly, though- as cute as twins are- they are a HUGE handful for new parents! If you have twins, you won't sleep for the next year of your life.

Also, having twins brings in a whole bunch of new health risks for the babies. And it means you can't give as much attention to either baby as you would really like.

Plus, it is waaay more expensive! You have to buy two of EVERYTHING. Whereas if you have two kids a couple years apart, the younger one gets to use all the hand-me-downs.

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