How to handle my daughters attitude~help me please

So my daughter is in grade 7, and she has no respect for us, She swears at me her father and her 2 sisters one is in high school, and my youngst is 9, my oldest daughter was nothing like that and still isn’t She has developed a lot is isn’t that skinny, and she always talks about hot guys and she talks to us with no respect, she swears and all sshe does is faccebook, even if we ask her a question like “how are you” shell be like omg, im fine why. Shes so stuck up and doesn’t care about anyone, she yells about everything, someone help me I don’t know what to do ! And thiis is making everything so stressfull on the whole family.

Answer #1

spank that wild child with a belt, its how I learned xD

Answer #2

Check out SuperNanny’s website. She has lots of tips that can help you!

Answer #3


A bed is a privilege, computer, clothes, make-up, same. She needs to learn that under no circumstances should she be allowed to disrespect others much less her own parents and family. a social site??? Ummm no.

My 5 year old now knows that if he back talks about not getting his favorite toy and then saying “I don’t like you” or “I hate you.” that precious toy is literally tossed in the trash. Imagine the horror on her face when she realized just how serious you guys are if you did something like that after you asking her to get off the computer?

I’m willing to do that and my kids know it. That said, I also do it in a kind way, I don’t yell, get mad or get upset.

Just commit to something and then do it. Counseling is also a must if she’s really that committed to being that angry at you.

Answer #4

lol! I was her, at that age she doesn’t want anything to do with you, I remember getting pissed off when my mom asked me how I was. Just leave her alone, don’t bother her, and for the swearing, I don’t know I am 14 and my mom hates it when I swear, but if I EVER swore AT my mom she would ground me for life, you should not allow her to do that, it’s not that she doesn’t care, you say she lives on a social site? does she have a lot of friends? it might be something inside that’s making her act up, and as much as people say this DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM HER it will make her more sad, more bored, more depressed, like just imagine this, your 13, go to school as you look in the mirrir and have to face the fact that 50 other girls are 10 times as pretty as you, guys like them more, you have a few friends, or a lot, your forced to smoke, do pot, be cool, you wanna stay out late, becasue you don’;t think your smart enough to pass school and it doesn;t even matter, then you get home, the one place you hate because there screaming all the time then your mom gets mad so she takes the computer away from you, takes your cel phone, ( can’t contact your friends) then takes your ipod so you can’ty even listen to that song that reminds you so much of yourself and almost takes you cry at night. You swear at your parents because they won’t leave you alone and that’s the last thing you want to deal with when your ginna go to school and fail a test and have a friend situation as school, or your boyfriend just cheated on you, but you keep a smile on your face so people don’t call you emo and that you cut youself. She’s just stuck in grade 7, please don’t blame her, if you wanna talk contact me

Answer #5

YEAH…get the internet cut off and dont give her money and dont let her out of the house and take the phone away

Answer #6

she’s going thru a phase im 15 I know how it feels… but you have to set her limitations…ground her if you have to but let her know you care about her…goodluck..

Answer #7

You need to tell her that every time she does some thing rude she will be intruoble. Dont let her use the phone or hang out with friends . Tell her she is not aloud to speak like that in your house. In the end ask her why shes acting like that . Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #8

I went thro that stage kinda… you need to disaplin her and ground her for a while mabey slap her hands when she swears…

Answer #9

Therapy, everybodys doing it!

Answer #10

limit her on stuff she can do if she has a face book ground her from it its not that hard to be a disaplined parent just think of her most charished objects and use them against her

Answer #11

well, just take away some of her things, tell her she cant use the computer until she learns how to give you and your family respect. And if she doesnt, tell her she cant have the computer at all. thats what I would do if I were a parent, :]

Answer #12

okay your daughter is just going though fases that need to be control try handling the sit by ingorin her if she asks you to do somthing for her just act like she never said a word act like you have one less daughter and maybe shell get the message to come back down to earth and stay a child hope this advice helped in any way


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