running away

im 13 hate my parents dont know if I should run away or not my life sucks so much I dont even want to discribe it should I run away or not or just hang my self?

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you cant always run away from your problems you 13 … tough’n up

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I’m also 13. Well niehter is the best idea to be honest, but I dont usually tell people this. when I was 9 I got taken away from my mum and was living with my dad, and he beat me and he was so nasty so was his wife, and I couldnt deal with it anymore, so about 2 months ago I ranaway and I found my mum after 4 years and now I am so much happier with her she is so lovely. but DO NOT hang your self, and if your going to run away. make sure your safe and going to someone who you know and trust. Don’t like hang about in the streets or anything I have been there and done that and there really are some wierdos about. You can also try talkin to your parents maybe they will come round and understand what you are telling them. But whatever you do im sure u’ll make the right desicion, as long as you dont hang yourself good luck x

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Don’t do it, trust me u’ll have so many regrets. I’m 13 too, and sometimes I feel like that too, like I wanna runaway but then I rethink it. Try to talk to them about it, and if you can’t then just find someone who will be there for you and actually cares. Trust me, my ex was always upset & stressed out all the time but I was there for him and he opened up to me and felt so much better, and he thanked me everyday for helping him thru it all— I know you and me don’t know each other, but if you want you can talk to me about it all and I’ll do anything and everything to help u… =] add me!!!

                                                <3 Amanda.
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well im two years older then you and I have a lot of problems … the best way is by trying to connect with your parents if it doesnt work the next thing you do is take a walk everytime you get upset or just write down how your feeling remember theres a lot of drama in the past but you should forget about it and remember there is a future to live so live it while you can and be the best that you can!!!

Answer #5

You could finish school and run away earlier than most

Answer #6

Dont hang yourself. Please dont. Seeing or hearing about good people go just makes me really sad. Im a run-away child and a suicidal child as well. But please maybe you should talk to a teacher or maybe some other family members about what is going on. Talk to someone you really trust.

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wow I no how you feel I hate my life at times and I hate my mom and I think about running away but I just think wee have are hole life ahead of us life may suck for us now but who no about the future ooh yea dont hang yourself :O

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OMG neither!!! talk to a teacher you like or something. Don’t punish yourself for what others have done to make your life bad! Get help soon PLEASE

Answer #9

neither. both are a bad decision. how about if you tell someone close to you. talk to them about your problems. or go to your friend’s house for a while. dont kill yourself or run away. life is good :) trust me we’ve all had problems. weve all been in that stage where we dont know if we should do something bad to ourselves just bec we think it might be good. but really get help stop thinking those stuff about killing yourself or running away.

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Look; I’ve tried to kill myself , twice , it dosnt work , one day you’ll get married and have your own kids and Thats the time when it will all be worth it , dont give your parents what they want, if they hate you, you killing yourself will probrably make them happy ( I don’t know if I should’ve said that ? ] Forreal , FunmaiL or Comment me for Anything !

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dont do anything stupid stay till your 16 then leave thats what I did and never looked back but you need to understand that life gets better it may be shit now but if you do something you cant change you will miss so much and for what

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please dont run away. I’ve tried that loads of times. your parents will most probably end up getting upset, calling the police and there’d be so much fuss. also running away doesnt solve any problems. when you feel you cant handle them any longer just go into your room, let things cool down and listen to some music.

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Hey darl. I know you have trubble going on at home. I know how you and your family may feel as I have been there. Do not harm yourself just ask your parents if you can have some time away at a friends house and just chill out there. When my older sister harmed herself and ran away all the time my parents always told me to go to my room and not to come out. I got left out everyday and told that they didnt want children anymore because of my sister. I was only 6years old at the time and it does effect the family. When I turned 13 I lived at my besties house for almost 6months because I was going through the same thing as my sis and trust me it does work to chill down and the parents know that you are safe and sound. Take care x

Answer #15

I would not commit suicide just yet wait. have fun before you take yourself out. run away look at my profile for other advice I give on how to run away, where 2 stay, how 2 eat. I also left someone a comment on how to past suicide instead of failing because she failed twice.

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