What do you think babys dream about?

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I went to my friend with this question a while ago- my son has had nightmares and dreams since he was days old. He would laugh hysterically in his sleep several times a night, LITERALLY since the second night he was home. Or he would quietly scream or cry (HEARTBREAKING!). She said she thinks they dream about colors and sounds. Since they don't have a language comprehension and have never been scared by a cruel person chasing them or whatever, they have no real 'fear'. It's just colors that they're learning to see or sounds that may have startled them playing over in their minds. Think about it- if you've never seen a monster pop out from behind a tree, how can you be afraid of either monsters or trees or the scenario? You don't know about being chased or about finding them around a corner- but hearing a pot bang and it scaring you, THAT you can dream about.

I bet they dream about nursing a lot, their loved ones faces, and being soothed or talked to by loved ones- and yes, I do believe God comforts them when they sleep. When they have nightmares, I'm sure it's just scary noises, or feeling like they're falling because somebody moved them to fast from one position to another. That kind of stuff. I hope it helps- this is all pure theory, and I have no idea how we'd verify any of this.

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they probably dream about the things they saw that day

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I think that God talk to them when they sleep:)

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idkkk...food? lol

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