What happens when a baby has more genes from there mom than dad?

babies that tend to have more of one parents genes
what happens or what affect does it have on the baby

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Genes are encoded by DNA... there are two types Dominant and Recessive. If I'm understanding your question correctly what you are asking refers to a child having more dominant genes from the mom than the dad... All this means is that the mother possess more dominant traits than the dad does.

Let's say the mom is Tall and the Dad is Short, Well it gets tricky because the mom could either have two dominant genes for height or one dominant and one recessive, but let's just say the mom has gives the baby a dominant (we'll name it A) and the dad gives the baby the recessive gene (litte a ) So the babies gene would be Aa in which tall is Dominant. However, there are a number of possiblites in that situation. To understand you need to no what a Punnett Square is. Google Punnett Sqare and that may give you a better understanding of how the genetic makeup looks...

But basically to answer your question, It just means the baby will have more of the dominant features of the mom than the dad.

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I'm not sure what you are looking for, but it is probably just my first paragraph...
Main answer:
The baby can seem to inherit more of its TRAITS from one parent or the other, but a fetus that makes it to term almost always has equal number of chromosomes from each parent. Variations usually do not go to term, or cause defects (e.g. Down Syndrome)

Of course there are the sex chromosomes - female XX and the male XY.
The 'Y' chromosome (which can ONLY come from the father) is much smaller than the X that comes from the mother, and so it has fewer genes. And so in the case of every male human, the boys get fewer genes from their father than from their mother - but only on the sex chromosomes.

If you want to get really detailed, there is also the case of the mitochondrial DNA, which is 100% from the mother.

But like I said, I am guessing that what you are looking for is answered in paragraph one.

Hope this helps.

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