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Does Vicks Vaporub on a baby's feet stop coughing?

What can you tell me about the myth of putting Vicks vapo rub on the bottom feet of babies for coughing or congestion? Does this work?


really scary horror films?

well, halloweens here and I wont some really scary films to watch, im 19 so any certificate. I mean really scary so I dont sleep at all for a week, please dont say saw, the hills have eyes, 28 days later, dead silence. halloween, friday 13 (im not bein...


Did I do the right thing

My son went into his senor year of high school with a 3.4 GPA. His Mother an I were not getting along and infect I found some love letters she had written the father of one of his friends. We split and he was living with me.. I traveled a lot for work ...


What do newborn baby's need ?

I'm 5 months pregnant and have bought a lot of stuff for my baby but im unsure of what things I really need to buy, like what clothes and just the little things like that. Can anyone send me a good link or list of everything I need please ? Thankyou f...


How can I get my 5 year old to start feeding himself

I have to still feed my 5 year old his breakfast and dinner. it is hard work as I have a little baby who also needs food and I feel like I am trying to do much at once. I am back at work now so when I get home I don't have the patience to deal with i...


what is average wrist size for two year old girl?

measuring the wrist size of the average 2 year old girl, what is the size in inches?

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What's the best musical instrument for a child to learn?

What's the best musical instrument for a child to learn? We tried guitar lessons for our boys, but that didn't stick. I've noticed some kids start with piano, and that could be fun for them I guess. Is there one instrument that's good to learn to start...


Can pedialyte cause diarrhea to continue?

Can pedialyte cause diarrhea to continue?


9 months, teething and can't stop coughing at night.

My 9 month old son is teething again and when he does he gets a runny nose and really drooly. The problem is that at night it drains into his throat and makes him cough nonstop. Poor little man. We have propped him, saline solutionized his nose and suc...

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How do you get a boy to be calm?

How do you get a 3 year old and a kindergandne girl to be calm?while you think of games to play?what games can make a kid calm for more than 20 min.?

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How can I tell if my teen is getting high?

Hi - please go look at my old updated question , I just put it on my old question 'because it all kind of ties in together I think -- it's the 1- how can I tell if my teen in getting high?? Thanks!!


What milk for a 1year old,she is on nido, hardly sleeps?

I introduced nido when my little one entered 1 in ocotober this year, she hardly sleeps, is on the go all the time,and recently wakes up crying most nights, will be very lucky if she doesnt wake up atleast twice in a night.someone did say they had the...


Who is CPS to tell anyone how to raise a child?

I'm amazed at how naive people are concerning child abuse. Most think abuse is totally related to what the child has received in punishment. What about the intentions behind the one giving a child a spanking, whipping, etc? Was the father, with good mo...


Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a ...


How do I build a rope and plank bridge?

I'd like to build a rope and wood plank bridge for my child's outdoor play set. It would be like the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom bridge. Ropes for the hand-rails and wood planks to walk on.


How unfit must a mother be to lose sole custody of her child?

How unfit must an unmarried mother be to lose sole custody of her child?


Are some toys unsafe?

I have heard lately about toys that have not been checked out before then ship them out and I was wondering if you know anything that? I know that some toys you have to send back because of health wise stuff? I dont know much about this but any informa...


ill show you mine if you show me yours

My son is five and recently he and the two neighbor boys ,who are also five, were in their fort showing eachother their penises. My 8 year old daughter saw them and told me about it. I told her they were most likely comparing parts and told her it wasn...


What are the two types of twins?

What are the two types of twins?


How to deal with my 14-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter??

l ask my son to go places with me and all he wants to do is pay 360, l offer shows, basketball games with the local team (kings), walks, biking, to name a few, no luck.

17 year old has manys things going on school,sports, works on weekend and boyfrien...


Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?

What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends

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Where are baby pageants in Ohio?

What and or where are some pageants or baby contests in Northeast Ohio?


Can I father twins if they don't run in my family?

what are the chances of my producing twins? there is no history of twins in the family. my girlfriend is pregnant with twins. I'm not sure, I could be the father.

please advise


what are some fun things to do with 3 year old boys?

ok I am babysitting this little boy over the summer and he is always bored I don't know what to do with him I don't have a lot of money to go and buy him things so I need some things that we can do around the house

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what happens when a baby has more genes from there mom than dad?

babies that tend to have more of one parents genes
what happens or what affect does it have on the baby


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