How do i get my 10 year old brother to start calling me "tata"?

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Just tell him u like the name and want him to call u that

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I believe he can pronounce the word very well since he is already 10 (LOL) The problem must be that he does not want to. SO maybe you can buy some candies or chocolate and he will get one if he calls you Tata. I hope he will soon get used to it :D

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You can't unless he wants to.
At the age of ten, his habits are already pretty well defined and if he hasn't been calling you that from the start, then it's going to be awkward trying to make him change it.

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Tata is a dumb name. Don't make him call you tata for your sake.

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Refuse to listen to him unless he calls you that :)

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Youre obviously not hispanic.

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Why don't you trade nicknames, you have him call you Tata and then you'll come him by something? It's like a reward.

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