What are some good ideas to stop my 9 year-old boy from biting his nails?

Answer #1

You could paint his fingernails with that non-toxic clear nail polish. I heard it taste TERRIBLE.. :D

Answer #2

You could buy some of that nail polish stuff that tastes horrible and see if it works. However, when I was little, I tried that and it didn’t work at all. I’ve tried a lot of things, and none of them worked. The only thing that helped, is getting older. As I’m getting older, I don’t bite my nails so much anymore.

Answer #3

whenever he tries to bite his nails, have him wear gloves

Answer #4

the one thing after trying many things was after i got braces on a few weeks ago its not even really possible to bite your nails with braces, they get in the way, haha so that’s what stopped me

Answer #5

The most easiest and common process to solve this problem is to keep his nail short so that he can not bite them. If you keep his nail short, then even he tries to bat them nothing bad will happen . When he will get older he will leave this bad habit automatically. So nothing to worry .

If you think this problem should be solved right now immediately, then you can mix some herb mixture which tastes horrible(but god for health) with his fingers and don’t late him wash his hand. If he wash again mix the herb. But this will be too harsh on you child .

Hope my answer will help

Answer #6

I have given him this ultimatum that he will have to wear nail polish. but it did not work….

Answer #7

Then I should wait until he has all his permanent teeth… he spends more time biting nail than studying lol…

Answer #8

it does help, I shall put this ginger mixture on his fingers…

Answer #9

It would be lovely if he would agree to wear acrylic nails lol. They help to reduce nail biting.

Answer #10

My Advice, I think you should just leave it and let him grow out of it himself because my Nana used to not like my mum biting her nails when she was little so she gave her this polish stuff, but its made her bite them more now she’s older, but she wouldn’t have if my Nana would have let her grow out of it. :) I hope i helped and good luck :)

Answer #11

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Answer #12

Put top coat nail polish on his nails, it’s clear so no one will be able to tell he’s wearing it. If he is worried about the shine then use base coat nail polish, it drys clear and when it dries it looks dull, like as if there was no polish.

Answer #13

I’d just explain what kind of nasty bacteria is beneath the nails. I’d then give examples of how they pick up these bacteria, and how they can effect him.

It might be a little too much information for a 9 year old to absorb, but if they get the general idea that putting those nasties in their mouth isn’t a good idea, perhaps they’ll think it through a little more.

Answer #14

Or you could just arrange a reward system with him or her; Nail biting is a habit therefore your little one will need the “will power” to stop. Encouraging him to stop is a good idea, and the promise of a nice present also rewarding. It gives him or her something to look forward to. You don’t want your kid digesting nail polish, or harmful chemicals. It’s already bad enough that he or she has a nail biting problem to begin with..

Get the reward/sticker board or point system going. Each day he goes without biting his nails, he gets a sticker, a quarter, a dollar or however you want to do it, Sri, this is a learning experience, not punishment..

But you can’t force him to and going on about it will only make him more anxious to chew them. Also, talk with him or her about “Germs and Hygiene.” & the importance of keeping his or her fingers & hand’s out of their mouth..

You can start by educating all your children that; your fingernails & well the mouth has germs of course, and harmful bacteria.. & how they won’t have to worry about the bacteria as much, if they keep their hands & fingers out of their mouth, by washing their hands often, and by not touching everything & by keeping foreign objects out of their mouth. That’s a start..

Answer #15

lol, yes that’s a good idea, but i bet there are things like mouth guards he can wear…but those would be annoying to wear and hard to talk. i have tried the bad tasting nail polish and it didn’t work at all. like some of the above comments say, unless he’s biting them so short it’s hurting him, i’d just let him grow out of it. :) hope i could help.

Answer #16

we have even watched the video on it. He said he did not swallow the nail. He bites almost anything, his pencil too sometimes….

Answer #17

You did, baby. The more preassure I put on him, the more I get stressed out. I am just worried that it will continue until he grows up….

Answer #18

scent his fingers… it sounds odd, but it works: lotion, clear scented nail polish.

Answer #19

tell him a stupid story. that worked with me haha i was told if i dont stop biting my nails another person will grow inside of me haha it worked for a month

Answer #20

Unfortunately he has been grown enough to know that the story is not true. He really drives me crazy…LOL yesterday I told him that I would really put a nail polish if he still does it… he still does but stops immidiately when I see .. quite frustrating,,,

Answer #21

I’m 25 and I can’t stop and my four year old does it too.

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