What do you think about punishment when it comes to children?

How do you think they should be punished?

Answer #1

I’ve never been punished, but I think kids should either be grounded and / or have things taken away from them for a period of time. That’s what I would do to my kids.

Answer #2

That’s Cool, I guess(:

Answer #3

You never want to hit children. That’s not the way to go, neither is saying you hate your child or children. The best way to go about it (And I’m a nanny) is depending on the situation if your child is fighting over a toy, you find another toy your child can play with. You can use the time out, and explain what is good and bad. Don’t forget that kids learn by watching adults, particularly their parents. Make sure your behavior is role-model material. If your child is from 9-12 you can use your power as the adult to take away certain things like the tv or computer. Never yell to say you will never use this or that. After awhile the child won’t believe you.

Answer #4

As a child I was punished harshly. I was hit, beat, whatever, for the littlest and simplest things. But as I grew older, my parents stopped, so luckily my sister never got it. I do feel that a lot of children and teens don’t get punished enough. Many get away with pretty much anything. And those that do, don’t learn from it nor care for the lesson learned. I believe that if a child/teen does something wrong, their punishment should be decided depending on the child. For some, simply taking things away from them does nothing, for others grounding does nothing. So I think it really depends on the child. I, however, would never condone any sort of physical punishment.

Answer #5

My parents have never hit me, because I’ve only done the normal naughty kid stuff. I think if your little kid starts swearing or insulting you or throwing food the best thing to do is give them a solid warning and put them in a room with no toys, entertainment, etc for 10 or so minutes. It really works. But if a kid had to steal something, start smoking, drinking, vandalising houses, I would give my child a smack. I’m not talking bruises and cuts, but a few whacks on the butt and a good lecture. My dad has a way of lecturing that made us burst into tears because we felt so ashamed.

Answer #6

Depends on the age! Younger children 3-10 should be spanked. After around age 10, it doesn’t really work anymore so you should take away material things. (Phone, Ipod, Laptop, Psp, Etc:)

Answer #7

Tough question. I’ve taken a few classes on parenting that tries to get past the paradigm of rewards and punishments for discipline. They allow for consequences for actions so long as they are natural consequences rather than contrived ones. Some of the techniques seem reasonable but others I’m unsure about. This is how they maintain order or at least avoid anarchy at her school so it seems to work for skilled practitioners anyway.

Answer #8

I feel spanking is ok, but only use your hand and only on the bottom. To easy to hit too hard with a paddle or belt. But spanking should not be your first punishment you pull out if a child is misbehaving. Spanking should be a last resort.
Time outs and grounding can be very effective, but can be over used. I have seen too many friends spend so much time grounded that it means nothing to them an more. At that point different punishments need to be used. In some cases if they child is doing something a bit stupid and may get hurt in a fairly harmless way I say let it happen. You can feel free to warn them about the danger, but in a lot of cases they kid will try it until getting hurt. (like touching hot stoves :P - speaking from experience there).

I think the number one most import aspect of disciplining anyone is CONSISTENCY. If you are not consistent, the lesson just doesn’t stick with the child. If one day you just put up with your child throwing a temper tantrum in public, and the next spank them - it sends very mix message to the child. Second most important thing is make sure the child knows WHY they are being punished.

Answer #9

Good reply Kimi ..But…I personally think that this “I think if your little kid starts swearing or insulting you or throwing food the best thing to do is give them a solid warning and put them in a room with no toys, entertainment, etc for 10 or so minutes. It really works. “ it should be…..”I think if your little kid starts swearing or insulting you or throwing food the best thing to do is”…”Change your own behaviour ,become a roll model and show respect to others,rules,morals,common decency ect for the sake of your children …and then maybe your kid would be OK…ya scummy selfish bags of shite…or is that too harsh?

Answer #10

I much prefer the word “discipline.” Punishment almost always deals with pain. There can be punishment in discipline but there are many other ways. Spanking can be useful, but should only be used as a last resort. If you train a child on how to behave early, you shouldn’t need much punishment later on.

Answer #11

I agree with this one the most (:

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