Would you let your child(dren) get candy from a police officer that is riding around in a police cruiser?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t let my kids get candy from anyone unless I knew them. It just seems too risky when you can just buy them candy yourself.

Answer #2

I don’t have children but if I did then of course. I wouldn’t understand why any parent wouldn’t trust an officer before they trust any regular person to them. How about you?

Answer #3

No I wudnt, because they may or may not be an officer. People can dress up and stuff to look like an officer. I tell my children not to take candy from anyone in a car, and I mean ANYONE

Answer #4

Thats how I feel.

Answer #5

kids are young though and they like to trick or treat this day of the year. When they collect candy, you should make sure that they bring it home and inspect it anyway but even if not, the authority’s job is on the line if he chooses to give candy out. Do you think poisoning a trick or treater would be worth loosing the job that he supports his family with?

Answer #6

No. Maybe if the Officer were identified and trusted, like the ones assigned to some schools, but an unfamiliar “policeman” patrolling around in a cruiser and giving out candy just seems too weird to me. People are strange, and cops are actually people who get to carry guns and tell others what to do. I mean, I’m not a cop-hater; generally police are trustworthy and well-meaning enforcers of domestic law, but there are just too many possibilities for people to do insane and impulsively criminal things in this complex world, such as impersonating an officer in order to poison or abduct the trusting.

Answer #7

Like I mentioned in my previous statement, how do u know they r really officers or just dressed up, after all u r supposed to dress up for halloween

Answer #8

good answer, its morally questionable, but if a cop is a cop then they wont take the risk of evil intent

Answer #9

well that’s easy. Who do you think can possibly get hold of a police cruiser for Halloween? You did mention that in your question, correct?

Answer #10

well that’s easy. Who do you think can possibly get hold of a police cruiser for Halloween? You did mention that in your question, correct?

Answer #11

more over, still doesn’t change the fact that you being a parent or guardian should inspect any candy the child brings home, does it?

Answer #12

Where I live u can purchase old police cruisers so its not hard, and I do inspect all candy my children get from anywhere

Answer #13

if you inspect all of the candy then why would you ask this question? More over, for the old police cruisers that can be purchased, i’m sure they’re old for a reason. Is it really difficult to depict the difference between the new model and the old model? let alone paint, decals, or any of which?

Answer #14

I asked because ur child cud b abducted. As for the cruisers thr only like 5 yrs old

Answer #15

lol, 5 years ago we still had Impala interceptors going around, now we have v6 chargers… They’re old for a reason, i would hope you and your child note the difference god forbid you two are in a emergency situation on the spot. If you inspect all candy then I don’t know why you wouldn’t trust anybody giving candy to your child because the candy your child gets has to be inspected by you. By now your child should trust you to inspect thoroughly. If your child is unfortunate enough to be poisoned by the candy, then who’s to blame considering all candy goes by you?

Answer #16

Where I live on Christmas eve the local Fire Station sends out a Fire Truck and they go around town and in the suburbs with a guy dress like Santa Claus and use their lights and sirens and give away candy or sometime toss candy to the kids while they wave from their home drive way. I think is awesome!!!!!!

Answer #17

That snds cool

Answer #18

yea. if its snickers then hell yea

Answer #19

My fav snickers mmmmm

Answer #20

Thanks for the points. :)

Answer #21

Welcome and thx for the story

Answer #22

I would call your police station and ask

Answer #23

That’s taking away from your kids having fun if you wouldn’t let them go out and go trick or treating. You could at least let them and then buy them the candy the next day or earlier in the day so they at least get to experience Halloween/

Answer #24

I live in a village of about 600 people … eveybody knows each other and none of us are afraid to let our kids trick or treat or accept candy from the police or local firehouse. Some people still even make their own Halloween treats here. I consider myself fortunate that I live in an area where we have that kind of trust … it’s sad that there are places where you have to doubt everyone.

Answer #25

I wouldn’t let my kids eat candy no matter what the source; it’s poison. On Halloween, we give out colorful little plastic creatures - dinosaurs, or jungle beasts, or spiders and scorpions, etc. It has made us the most popular destination on the block!

Answer #26

Yeah, of course! It’s Halloween! (or it was).

Answer #27

Yes its halloween…. But always check the candy first. Check to see if it has been tampered with.

Answer #28

Police costumes and the real police uniforms are way different. U can easily spot the difference. also look at the badge. the gun. u can tell if its plastic or not. or if its a beebee gun. police cars ususally will have the lights in them(blue & red) also they will have a computer sysytem in the car. police radio attached to their shoulder that is working. If there is anything scetchy about him then dont take it. and u could always ask for him to identify himself by calling the police station

Answer #29

I somehow now picture you living in an Amish village. :O

Answer #30

Or some tropical island cause it sounds like paradise…LOL

Answer #31

O_O :O

Answer #32

Nah i have done that before. Ive been the cop and got caught. Jail is no jolly time. Marvin

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