What can I do to help my little sister when she is being bullied?

My 13yo sister is unfortunatly having a really hard time in school just now. The group that she hangs around with have two or three really mean girls who are trying to exlude her. She has two friends in the group as well but they are all too scared to stand up to the bullies. She doesn’t have a lot of confidence as it is and she has tests coming up which she is scared about. Me and my mum and my dad are all for going into the school and reading the riot act and then going around and beating up theses girls and their parents (metaphorically) but my sister doesn’t want us to, obviously. Me and my sister really get on and i want her to be happy, but i don’t know what to do. The only advantage i have over these little b!tches is that i have accidentely become one of the cooles big sisters. I really need some help here.

Answer #1

It depends who’s bullying her but the worst thing she can do is tell a teacher. The bully will just get angrier and make things a lot worse. If possible be around her. Bullies I have found don’t like provoking a group or somebody who is older or more dominant than they are. Also, maybe teaching her some comebacks on the bully because that person may retreat once they realize they start to look stupid.

Answer #2

Unfortunatly while going to the principles and teachers will get the girls disciplinary action - it wont do anything as far as them bullying and excluding your sister. Your sisters is 13 and its time she learned to choose her friends better. The “bullies” are in her group of friends - thats her first mistake. She needs to seperate herself from these girls and meet new friends who will treat her right and actually be a good friend. She also is going to have to learn to stand up for herself and to not let people get to her. Laughing and walking away is the best defense against someone whos talking about you. It shows you dont care and they dont matter to you. Your best bet in this situation is to talk to your sister and give her advice…focus on her and not the other girls.

Answer #3

Stay away from the kids…very often intervening on your sister’s behalf will only make things worse. If your parents haven’t contacted the school about the bullying yet, ask them to do so immediately. Let the school contact the bullies’ parents.

I’m not advising this, but I will tell you a story: My son was bullied terribly in school, and the school seemed unable to stop it. I finally threatened to get a lawyer. Amazingly, my son was left alone after that. I don’t know what occurred, but something must have.

The best thing that you can do as a big sister is be there for your sister. Make sure she has you to confide in. Bolster her self-esteem and self-confidence. Remind her that she is a worthwhile and loveable person, and that what a bunch of mean girls say can’t change that.

Answer #4

I completely agree.

Answer #5

Your sister and her two good friends are putting themselves in harm’s way by hanging out with those bullies. They don’t have to “stand up” to the bullies; just leave them behind. Encourage her to take the initiative by frequently inviting her two friends to get together without the bullies. Encourage the three of them to drop the bullies from their friendship circle - but without being mean to them. They’ll find new friends to add to their kinder new group.

Answer #6

Thanks guys this is really really helpful i a little hard to take really i still want to go in and slap them all about the heid, lol :p

Answer #7

To be of support,listen with compassion.Remember, it is usually quite difficult for a victim to talk about what has been happening to her.Your goal should be to strengthen the victim as she deals with the situation at her own pace.

Answer #8

if i had a little sister, i would want to protect her too, and i would ignore the fact your older than them all and approach these girls and tell them to stay away from your sister, don’t touch them, just get them to realise they cant get away with bullying. If you dont go to the same school then you cannot be in trouble for it, my friend did this when her sister was getting bullied, she is three years older, the group of girls bullying her sister give my friend evil looks, but wont come anywhere near her. i wouldnt bother about the morals or being older, she should think more about her actions before bullying someone, thats just me though hahah, i get angry at things like this, girls can be so pathetic when in groups, on their own they wouldnt say anything like what they do in groups

Answer #9

well this is what id do…. just go up to the girls bullying your sister (by yourself) and threaten the little pumks (not really intending on hurting them) and they’ll probably back off since they know you are older than them.

Answer #10

My little sister had the same problem. When she came to me all I did was go talk to the kid that was bullying her. You should talk to the bully and tell him/her off. If that doesn’t work have your little sister talk with your parents, they always know how to help in cases like this.

Answer #11

If the girls are saying stuff to her to knock her confidence justkeep telling her how amazing she is and listen to what is going on.dont be too pretective although that is something you would really want to do coz as you say she dousnt want you going roumd and hurtiing these girls.For someone who has a disabled brother who kids always have a go at i can understand how frustrating it is.Just keep listening to her and keep her head up high by telling her how amazing person she is :) I hope i help . Best wishes

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