Why do women with babies in strollers think they deserve special treatment?

I’m on the bus and this woman got mad at me cuz I didn’t want to change my seat cuz she had a stroller and didn’t want to go to the back of the, I didn’t move and now I’m gettin the evil eye, I DON’T CARE!!!!

Answer #1

Well they kinda do, a stroller does not fit in the back, that is why they have those special seats, most people know or do this because there is a sign saying so. I personally, do give my seat when someone like that, I just think is the good thing to do. I guess it’s a matter of opinion on this?

Answer #2

Actully on our buses they have those same seats in the back as well as the front, I normally wud give my seat up but just didn’t want to today, I’m in a weird mood

Answer #3

Well I guess they expect you to be polite and move for them ..i mean they can’t like throw their stroller on the roof of the bus & be like legoooooo.

Answer #4

Well we have 6 places for strollers and the ones in the front had one space, I think if it was that was the last space I wud have had no prob in movein but she wanted me to move cuz she didn’t want to go to the back

Answer #5

Your buses are different to ours, we only have a space at each side at the front of the bus for prams. But unless they cannot fold their pram up then I don’t mind being nice and moving for them even if it means I have to stand.

Answer #6

I don’t mind to stand either but don’t make me move cuz u don’t wanna go to the back

Answer #7

No offense anyone….I remember how it felt traveling with my brother & his stroller so I am going to be quite blunt here…

I completely agree with you,it’s true girl, they do think they deserve everything & act like everyone must stand back & allow them to get some royal treatment…I mean I really get the whole, WOMAN WITH A BABY on board issue…it isnt easy to be traveling with a child & a stroller but you know what, if there is room then place that @ss of yours on it & dont be fussy/picky because you can easily take a cab if it is that stressful & too much of a freaken hassle. If not get someone to drive you to your destination. No one has to treat you like Queen Elizabeth just because you have a stroller! When I had to take care of my brother I stayed local because no one could take me anywhere or just called a cab. It’s not as if there werent any seats available there were, this B!atch just wanted the royal treatment & when she didnt get it she went all evil eye….I know that feeling…too bad, she needs to grow up! You go T…people like that need to be taught a lesson. I understand if there were none, I would be the first to give her my seat as well…but ffs, there are more seats, but her laziness to sit in the back were not to her liking…so you know Fck her…glad you stood your ground! More power to ya! :)

Answer #8

Now I switched buses at the station, now that woman is on this bus, its almost full, she is in front once again and this 80 yr old woman got on the bus and this b!tch with the the stroller won’t get up so the woman can sit down that’s sad, so now ima stand so she can sit

Answer #9

Thx I do try to do wats right

Answer #10

See, I told you she was a B!atch w/o even seeing her…I just knew she was 1! Selfless & disrespectful…err I hate people like that!

Answer #11

Yep yep

Answer #12

sigh … umbrella strollers were made for this purpose - they fold up quickly … more people should use them and stop acting like they deserve preferential treatment because they have a stroller. I recall an incident where the woman did have an umbrella stroller that she folded up, but then she placed her (2 year old, I’m guessing) child on the seat next to her. A guy with a broken leg got on the bus, and do you think she’d put the baby on her lap so he could sit? No way … an elderly man got up so he could sit. I would have given him my seat if he didn’t find one first - I was at the back.

Answer #13

That’s terrible

Answer #14

I know you do…nev doubted you for a sec…I simply know people like that, that think their sh!t dont stink & act as if they only sh!t Diamonds! I really resent people like that!

Answer #15

In our buses, we have a space near the middle door for strollers and wheelchairs. And there are two seats where someone can sit and hold a stroller while it’s parked in the space. People are supposed to hold their strollers - not just fasten the breaks and go somewhere else to sit, so I get up from those two seats if someone with a stroller comes in.

On the other seats, I get up for people with broken legs / feet, people who need a cane to walk, elderly people if I’m afraid that they would fall in the next curve, visibly pregnant women and for toddlers - if they don’t sit in an umbrella stroller.

I would get up for anyone - if they ask nicely and tell me that they have a pain in the leg or balance issues. I will definitely not get up for anyone who thinks that they are better than the rest of the world and just tell me to get up.

I think your reaction is OK. :-)

Answer #16

I completely agree…people for ya…I used to allow my brother to sit in my place, and stand while the elder sat. I just am that way…I would do the same for a preg lady.

Answer #17

Maybe plainly because she had a child with her and she feels that people should be polite and gentle because of the kid.

Answer #18

um they ddo iim a mom n gotta bring a big stroller in a little store n its hard to open the doors n things like that with a stroller n my baby is too little for a umbrella stroller don’t judge unless u been through it or u are a Mom

Answer #19

doh she is a mum

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