Why does this niece of mine bump into things around her so often?

She often hits her head ,elbow, knee, shoulder even her toes to objects like table door, wall. This happens too often, almost daily.

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Maybe she clumbsy, or she may not have good balance

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How old is she? If she's young thats to be expected if she's learning to walk. She could also have bad balance, if this happens for years and is extremely bad she might need to see a neurologist to make sure theres nothing wrong with her brain.

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she is 11 years old. Does she need a doctor for this?

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she might have bad hand eye cordination causing her to bump into anything. Even weak limbs may be a reason or laziness. Slow reaction could be one too. It could be perfectly fine. When i was younger i bumped into everything and got bruises everywhere :)

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Did you even see a doctor for this case?

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