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training a scared puppy to walk on a leash.

how do you train a scared 1 year old mini bulldog to walk on a leash?


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How many hairs does the average dog have?

How many hairs does the average dog have. My lab puppy seems to have all of them for the breed. Cappy is healthy, but I am surprised at the amount of hair he sheds--so is my vaccum. Any thoughs on hair care for my dog? (I am serious about the first...


My boxer puppy has growled at me several times. What should I do?

My boxer puppy has growled at me several times. What should I do?


How long between each kitten

My cat had its first kitten 18hrs ago and has had no more, she still has more in there as I can feel them moving around. She is nursing the kitten just fine and has been eating, drinking and has used the litter tray. She is not showing any signs of dic...


Introducing puppy to adult cats?

Hey my mum has always wanted a Chiuaua for years (sorry I cant spell it)
But we have 4 adults cats, that we have had for bout 8 years (maybe more)
Has anyone ever introduced a puppy to adult cats before, and how did it work out ?
Do you think the ca...


Oscar fish moves around when the lights are on only?

my oscar only seems to move around when all the lights are out is this normal ???


My poor ferret

okay, I was letting my 2 ferrets play on my bed, and I normally have pillows around it but this time I forgot. My male ferret was playing with the female and the male ferret started falling off the bed, I reached for him but I didnt catch him, instead ...


Where can I put pictures of my pets to get them in a magazine?

Does anyone know any sites I can put pictures of my cats/dog on and get them in some sort of pet magazine?


Capuchins vs Squirrel Monkeys

Hey I'm planning to get a baby monkey in the next year or two but I was wondering which species is better to have as a pet? I want a little buddy that can hang out with me and isn't too solitary but I also want one that is smart and will listen once I ...


How long do Cockatiels stay in heat?

Hi, my cockatiel just laid an egg and I am wondering how long do they stay in heat? And what do you even call it?


What are some things I can feed my ferrets?

I have two ferrets, Trouble and Socks, and I want to feed them some vegtables. What are some things they'll like?
Trouble is 1 year 6 mos.
Socks is approx. 4 mos.


how do i tell if my parakeet is a boy or a girl?

i know u can tell its a girl if it has a pink beak and a boy has a blur beak but i have two parakeets for about 5 years and their beaks are neither blue or pink theyre more like a tan light brown colour


What happens to your cat if it eats a whole chicken wing?

My cat ate a whole chicken wing bone included I think she ate to will she be ok


How do you take care of a 4 day old pitbull puppy

How do you take care of a 4 day old pitbull puppy.can you please help me


word for Animal

What is another word for Animals? its for a cross word


How old do my pits have to be before I can breed them?

And how long is their pregnancies? They are very active and loving dogs. I hate that they have such bad rep.


Should I return to my original vet after this incident?

My puppy denver, just had his "cryptorchid" neuter surgery on friday, april the 18th.
In the past, I have post a question about how much it should coast for this type of surgery. I've have recieved couple of good answers, and yet I decided to stay wit...


What would happen if I was bitten by the british adder?

Hi I went out last year to take photos of the british adder but was bite and the snake injected the venom before I could take any as I was handleing it and had to antivenom but im ready to go back out there and take them photos and handle them but coul...


tapeworm in my dog

my dog has tapeworm. he has been on frontline & interceptor since he was a pup. I guess somehow he ingested a flea & got tapeworm. Anyway. his poop was tested at vet & they started him on drontol plus (spelling?) one pill that day, the second pill ...


How long does it take for a puppy to adjust to new food?

How long does it take for a boxer puppy to adjust to its new food and quit having diarrhea


Why won't my Chihuahua play?

I got my recent Chihuahua as a companion for my other chi so he would have someone to play with but she will not play at all. She doesnt play tug o war, chase or anything that puppies do...any advice?


My jack dempsey sits on the bottom of the tank

I have 1 jack dempsey, an albino and a black oscar. The 2 oscars are always swimming around but the jack just sits on the bottom on the tank. Im kinda worried, is that normal? He hardly ever moves, but I've had him for about 6 months now and he seams a...


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