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My dog eats grass

What's up with my dog eating grass? And I'm not just talking about a couple tastes, like she really goes to town on a patch of grass. She'll spend over five minutes grubbin on grass if I don't pull her away. It's very adorable, but I'm kinda wondering ...


my sisters dog

My sister's dog is 13 years old. And when she was 2 years old she was hit by a car and hasnt been the same. But as she got older she got worse. She cant get up from laying down sometimes. sometimes we have to help her up. Her breathing is heave and fas...


Are dogs likely to gain weight after being fixed?

are dogs likely to gain weight when they get fixed?


Getting rid of a bruise from a dog bite?

I got bit by a dog and it broosed up how do I get ride of it fast? but easy?


Why does my dog keep bringing me her newborn puppies?

she just had the puppies not even 3 days ago, and I fear that if she keeps bringing me the puppies that they wont eat she usually does this at night time around the time I went to bed before she was pregnant


How do I get my cat and kitten to stop peeing everywhere?

How do I get my cat and kitten(her daughter) to stop peeing everywhere?!! do I need to just put them outside? I work an 8 hr a day job, and I can't just follow them around all day to make sure they don't pee on anything.

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My dogs chew on wood

I have 2 puppies. one a Pug(girl) and ones a Pitbull(boy). they love to chew on things but for some reason they like chewing on wood. they chew on the armchairs and stools. its so weird. we once had a dog who did that, but im wondering if it'll hurt t...


Why does My Cat Loves To Be Spanked?

Can anyone tell me why my cat loves being spanked really hard..and rolls on the couch for more..does anyone else have a cat that likes to be hit...


How big does a pet capuchin monkey grow?

How big does a pet capuchin monkey grow?

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How to get my neighbor's cat to stop pooping in my yard?

HELP !! I have neighbors on both sides of my house , and they have lots of CATS.
Every day I walk out to my back yard , there will always be poop all over the grass and on the dirt, ALL over !! I am very upset about this. Please help me? what shall I ...


Puppy coming into heat???

My female westie is 7 months old and im waiting for her to come into her first season.
I know it can take up to a year and more, but when I walk her shes normally running around playing chasing things and fetching a bal but now... She has her head dow...


What are they types of monkeys that are legal to own?

Is it legal to own a baby gorilla in the united states in new jersey..???

If not what types of monkeys are legal to ownz?

I want a gorilla sooo bad I would onli feed it fish because I would so not want him to eat meat lolz


Potty train a puppy

How do I train my 8 week old puppy I need to stop her from pooping and peeing in my house

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How do we help the cat?

Ok. So the cat, snuggles. Ate some poinsettia and is apprently not feeling well. I am assuming that the cat is thowing up HELLLP.


Why they had to kill the monkey.

Did you see the news about the monkey that became crazy and the police had to kill him,the monkey was shot but I wonder why the police didnt shoot him with a sleeping dart or something like that they didnt have to kill the monkey what do you think any ...


What medicine should I give a sick capuchin monkey?



My Jack Dempsey has white things on his face

We just aquired our Jack Dempsey and Oscar back from a friend and they are quite large. At first when we got them set up they seemed to be dong just fine. We added our other tank in with them that consisted of about 4 smaller cichlids and gave them s...


How do fowl urinate?


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Kitten has a very soft meow?

She hardly meows but when she does, it's very small. Is that normal? Does she have a sore throat or something? She does have a cold/upper respiratory infection, but we've started antibiotics on her yesterday...

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how much is the insurance on Pitbulls?

so uh my parents are thinking about getting me a Pitbull, and don`t worry, I`ve done my research and work at an animal shelter and am getting to know the dog I want, know all I need to know is how much is the insurance on Pitbulls and what insurance co...


Can a transformation spell turn a human into a dog

I think I am turning into a dog because I made a wish but I was fooling around with my friends and got a email sayng that a transfomation spell will be casted on me and because of this I found some things to tell my future and they all say I will turn...


our dog is dying

well today we found our dog sugar is dying. we having her put down in june to end her pain. my mom is taking it hard. and I going to miss that little dog. I remember all the joy she made. even tho we made some mean joke about that dog. we never ment th...


Dog biting another dogs ear??? Domianance???

Is there a meaning to a dog trying to bite another dogs ear? is it like domainance or something? Because my older dog keeps trying to bit my younger (as in had her for less time) ear!
Anyone have a clue, I certianly dont!


What does it mean when a dog bites his/her owner?

What should the owner do when his/her dog bites them and acts aggressive? Should the owner get rid of the dog? What does it mean when the dogs acts this way?


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