Do you think hunting fox/ birds is wrong?


Answer #1

No I don’t think so really.

Answer #2

As long as they aren’t endangered.

Answer #3

Absolutely! Obviously I’m not American and I think hunting any animal is wrong. I know the US is big on shooting defenseless animals and other “manly” things but in my country Dads teach their kids football, motocross, fishing, etc. not how to find joy in killing innocent animals.

Answer #4

It’s absolutely unnecessary to kill animals for pleasure. It might be ‘traditional’ but they seriously need to hang up the guns for good.

Answer #5

As long as we are not hunting endangered species, and they are eating what they kill then I think it is acceptable. Wild game is better tasting, and better for you nutrionally. We would have more respect for our food and nature if we did obtained it all more organically like the natives did. That means vegtable and animal.

Answer #6

If you need ‘fresh’ food, then go ahead. hunt.

Answer #7

well i think it’s okay. at school i need to write an essay on whether it’s right or wrong so i needed other peoples’ views. i live in scotland and the males in my family love it!

Answer #8

Allow me to add that there are certain species that are not even close to being extinct. Coyote and deer for example. The population of some animals has to be controlled for the health of the species. State parks are full of “sick, malnourished, and inbread deer” that struggle to survive. Of course man is responsible for it. But now, we have to hunt to keep all of them from dying. Think about it. If the population isn’t controlled, you would be afraid to leave your house. And you do like your house don’t you?

Answer #9

If it’s just for sport, then yes, I think it’s wrong. because it’s a total waste of resources. if they aren’t eating it or using it for something, then it’s a complete waste of a life.

Answer #10

technically I think fish fall under the innocent animal category

Answer #11

Technically fish aren’t caught via gun or arrow, hun.

Answer #12

I don’t condone hunting any animal for sport but, if it’s a matter of necessity - like food, then I must look the other way. . Consider, however, that there is a wide variety of meats in any local grocer, so the majority of people who do hunt are not doing it out of necessity. . When the bear hunt here was abolished several years ago, people feared that there would be an overpopulation of bears. It didn’t happen. Nature has a way of controlling it’s own.

Answer #13

You’re right nature does take care of it’s own in most cases, but “we” have used up so much of the wildlife habitat that it has altered everything. Here, the state dept. of natural resources sometimes sponsors deer hunts in state parks of all places in order to “save” the deer population because there are so many that they can’t find enough to eat, are diseased ect. It’s quite a shame. Contrary to popular belief, hunting seasons and regulations relating to them are in place with the wildlife’s well-being in mind more than man’s all because of what we’ve done. It’s so much different now from the days of the plains Indians, when they killed a buffalo, they were killing something that they loved in order to survive. What an emotion they must have felt over that.

Answer #14

Yes, they deserve to live like every living thing on the earth.

Answer #15

Here in Canada, we still have plenty of woodland (not that it will stay like that forever). What really gets my goat is when the Americans come over here to shoot our moose … they aren’t helping the US control animal populations, and they’re killing ours.

Answer #16

Technically, fish are usually under the category “edible animals” while fox and birds are being killed for mere entertainment of the hunter. And that is a difference to most civilized folks. Hunting things for food is natural. We are omnivorous beasts after all. But there is only one beast in the world that kills and does not eat. It’s the beast called man.

Answer #17

We have mooses in Oregon. :) I think Like four or five.

Answer #18

Thank you! :)

Answer #19

I’m pretty sure most people eat what they kill. If not then something will come alone and eat it. Also, when fishing, a hook through the eye or lip or stomache which does happen if you fish a lot is pretty harsh on a innocent animal. So quit being a pansy

Answer #20

I’m pretty sure most people eat what they kill. If not then something will come alone and eat it. Also, when fishing, a hook through the eye or lip or stomache which does happen if you fish a lot is pretty harsh on a innocent animal. So quit being a pansy

Answer #21

I can see your point Colleen. That would bother me too if it were in my backyard. Die hard hunters just want to hunt what they don’t have at home for a head to mount and probably have no idea they are offending anyone. As for here, I’ve never been a deer hunter, but I don’t mind at all that people hunt them. There are so many that you have to be extra careful at all times to avoid hitting them on the roads and the large herds look very un-healthy. I’m also aware of how rude us Americans can be when in foreign countries sometimes. I’ve been in 36 countries while in the military and felt embarrassed at times at the way some of the guys acted with such arrogance and disrespect. Unfortunatley for you, as long as Canada allows it, people who can afford these “hunting trips to Canada” will still go. P.S, Tell everyone to come down here and blast some of our deer!!!!!!! ha ha.

Answer #22

I would say that it is not wrong. Here the people that I know mainly ‘hunt’ foxes and birds as pest control, or if shooting deer, duck, pheasant or other edible animals it is for food. I agree that there is more than enough meat at the supermarkets for everyone but I would also say that allot of it is crap. Also in comparison the meat that can be bought from butchers and other places is very expensive, therefore I agree with shooting so long as nothing is wasted and you are not just doing it because you can.


Answer #23

yes, definately.

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