What's your opinion on animal abuse?

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Um, its wrong. Stupid, selfish, and just... disgusting.

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What comes goes around, comes around. I don't think people relies that animals have feelings too and they can feel pain just as much as we can. It's a shameful thing to do, and it piss's me off when I see it. >___< < "GRRRRR" Face

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Anything with the word abuse in it is morally wrong and horrible.

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I think it's hard and it can take a lot of work depending on how big the animal is....... in all honesty it is sick... it is a cowardly way too act and i take the same stance as i take on any type of abuse i don't stand for it, and if i see it in public i will stand up for people who cant stand up for themselves.

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Animals need to be cuddled, not abused. T-T

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It's disgusting and makes me sick. The people who do it deserve to rot in prison along with anyone guilty of abuse to anyone or anything.


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I think it take big coward to abuse animals. I also think that those dog collars that shock dogs when they bark should be what it is,abuse. I seen a guy kick the hell out of a cat. I beat the hell out of him,and took the cat home with me. If i see someone abuse an animal, i will kick that persons ass,simple as that.

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Does ANYONE think it's okay? I'm a Christian so I'm used to like no one ever agreeing with me, lol, but basically what I believe is that the Bible teaches two main things on this issue: 1. In Genesis God gave Adam & Eve animals for food, so it's not wrong to eat meat. But 2. The Bible says to be kind to "beasts" (i.e. animals), so it IS wrong to mistreat them. Eating meat is a use of the resources God gave us on earth; abusing animals is abusing our privileges, throwing our gifts in God's face, and...really...horrible. >.<

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At the same time, it's also disgusting when people are so adamantly opposed to animal abuse, yet willingly kill their own babies and call it a right :(

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4 years isn't enough for the sick person who abused a dog to death.

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I absolutely cannot stand people who abuse animals. What they do to the animals, someone needs to come along and do to them 10x worse. See how THEY like it. They all deserve to rot in hell. :]

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It makes me sick to my stomach...

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I think it's wrong. Animals have feeling's too

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I hate animal abuse, i would love to meet the people who abuse animals, so i could teach them a lesson and abuse them so they can know how it feels like when an animal gets abused, by beating them up...

and animals needs love and to be cuddled not to be abused D:

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If you have facebook! Please like this page!
Say NO To Animal Abuse!

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Not sure what responses you expected. Did you expect anyone to defend animal abuse? Some might argue about what constitutes animal abuse or the relative importance of the issue but by definition abuse is wrong.

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I just wanted to see there personal point.

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Is their something wrong with that?:L

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i think its messed up and sick but some people (PETA) take it too far when they try to help stop animal abuse so people think theyre crazy and dont wanna help them.
Ex. - the crazy girl that threw flour on kim kardashian at her perfume opening wasnt with PETA but they said they back her up and wouldve done the same thing.

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Fully agree Filletofspam I was thinking the same exact thing.

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I needed some things for this thing i'm doing, and i wanted to peoples points.... gosh:LL Sorry for asking. I thought 'funadvice' was a site that you asked questions.

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I think that people who abuse animals aren't people at all!

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its cruel and whoever abuses them should be shot in their spot and have a slow painful death. thats just me though

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Animal abuse is stupid, wrong and it sucks. The person who does that should be locked up for the rest of their lives. Sometimes I wonder how they'd feel if they were abused to death D:<

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