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Vick vapor rub feet work

for Kids

Does Vicks Vaporub on a baby's feet stop coughing?

What can you tell me about the myth of putting Vicks vapo rub on the bottom feet of babies for coughing or congestion? Does this work?


What should my 16-year-old boy's curfew be?

My son's curfew if 10 on weekends, because I work on Saturday's 7-3 and cannot sleep until he is in the house. I he has difinitve plans the curfew is extended, but I dislike when plans continually change thru the nite, I want to where he is, is a pare...


How can you tell if your kid is getting high?

Hi- I joined this site 'because I'd like advice from teenagers on this subject. -- My son is almost 15, just entering 10th grade. Shy kid, smart and quiet.. was getting good grades until last year, but did straighten up his act after he got in big tro...


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