What is the cutest thing a little kid has ever said to you?

I was at a pizza restaurant with my friends, and I kept noticing this little boy around 4 or 5 years old that kept staring at me. When him and his dad were done eating, he whispered something to his dad, who then glanced over at me. After a couple of minutes, they both walked over to the table that my friends and I were sitting at, and the dad said, “go on, say it!” The boy got really embarrassed and hid behind his dad, so the dad was finally like, “he just wants to tell you that he thinks you’re very pretty.” It made my entire day haha

Answer #1

A little girl about 5 said to me ‘ my mummy looks like you and i love my mummy and you’ just because i gave her a party tiara :L

Answer #2

Two things. One is kinda like yours. He kept cowering behind his grampa and peeking out when he thought I wouldnt notice. He was super little, and was blushing all over. After what looked like a pep talk from the grampa he came over. …Hey..hey miss?” I turned around and said “Yes?” And he bolted back to his grampa and he laughed at him. I turned back around and then they both came. The grampa said, “ My boy here wants me to tell you that you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his whole entire life”. And then the boy hid behind his grampa again lool

Another was when I had to substitute while playing hockey for a much smaller teams game, or else they couldnt play. I was the only girl on the team. While warming up around the ice the little kid skates up to me, laughs and then glares up and says “GIRLS CANT PLAY HOCKEY.” Then smirked and skated off. Well, I took this as a challenge and after scoring four goals the same guy gave me a fist pump and was like “YEEAAAH!” Lol.

Answer #3

Kid: Mommy I know why squirdward doesn’t wear pants. Mommy: Why is that son? Kid: Because he’s wee wee is on his face.

Answer #4

my friends cousin asked me if I had a ‘special boy’ and I said no. She then said ‘But why? i think you are pretty and should’ then went skipped off to my friend and then she said she thinks I should date her older brother because I could do her make up for her when she’s older. that was so cute x]

Answer #5

i remember i was at a store and i was kinda sad cuz i thought i was fat and this 4 year old girl told me i looked really pretty and huged me. i was in awe. she was adorable.

Answer #6

I Helped walk some kindergardens into the school and the one little boy named Kevin kept staring at me.When I was standing in the hall he looked at his friends and said “ When I grow up I wanna be cool like that girl!” and pointed at me. Later that day I was going to go home and he looked at me and said” Will you be my lover!!??” It was so sweet I gave him a hug and told him sure :)

Answer #7

I work at a daycare center so I hear a lot of cute things. But the most cute event with a baby, she never spoke. This adorable baby sees me coming towards her (she’s the last baby to be picked up) She smiles with a pacifier in her mouth and raises her arms to me. Like she knew me, it was the most breathtaking moment. I kind of felt like her mum when she did that.

Answer #8

Hmm.. a couple days ago, I was at my friends house. Her little brother cam up to me, and tucked my hair behind my ear and said “ dont hide your face behind your hair. Its too pretty” It was really cute!(:

Answer #9

Well…i dont recall any one telling me anything but me and a friend were walking around walmart and a little girl walks up to my friend and says “your a pretty princess” also…i nannied a little girl from the time she was about 9 months and i was the first person she walked too.

Answer #10

Before homecoming. I was hungry so I decided to walk to Wendys. I was walking & all of the sudden I heard; “Daaaayum’ shawty you fine! Lemme’ get that number.” I look back & it’s this little kid that was with his primary school. On a field trip. He couldn’t have been more than 8. ._. It wasn’t exactly..”cute” but. It was sweet.. kinda?

Answer #11

None. I don’t like children & they don’t like me. :L

Answer #12

There’s 2 things! The first was around thanksgiving and was helping with a class and one of the other teachers asked a lol girl what she was thankful for and she said her brothers and sister and her mommy and her daddy and the list when on and on and then she said she was done so te teacher wlked off and then came running up to the teacher and said I forgot something I’m thankful for miss Nikki then she came up to me and huged me and said miss Nikki I love you and I’m so very thankful that you are my teacher today:)

And the other one was at the Rex center by my house and I had just kept score for a game and I felt horrible….like I had a cold and I didn’t really care what I looked like I had just threw my hair up I had my glasses and I t shirt and sweat pants on and this lil boy came up to me and said can I plz tell you something? And I said yes you can and he said you look pretty I hope that the girl I get married to is as pretty as you and my mommy:) lil kids are my favorite!!!!

Answer #13

well i have a 4 year old so i here stuff everyday all day best one that comes to mine today was him telling Santa he needed a chainsaw and a bat man game so he can kill zombies

Answer #14

why don’t you stay with us?

Answer #15

i don’t like kids either but i’m still nice to them at all times. i figure a kid will meet hundreds of a$$holes in there life i should not be one of them.

Answer #16

my little cusin told me my hair was nice then i said yours is the best and she said “i know” shes 3

Answer #17

my daughter whos one when u said her first word and she looked directly at me and said “momma pwetty” and it made my day cuz thats my oldest daughter and it lites up my world whenever she talks now

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