What kind of music helps a baby go to sleep at night?

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"hush little baby..." :p

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classic/piano or rain music. well at least that's how I like to be put
to sleep. . ツ

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if you buy this thing it sounds like the inside of a girl and the baby likes it since it was in there for9 months its calming for them but if they are older then soft music:)

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Classical music

How do you make a baby sleep throughout the night?

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just put some Beethoven on. & call it a night!

When should my baby sleep through the night?
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I've heard Mozart and Debussy work well.

How to help a cranky and teething baby?

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Really, really loud death metal.
LOL. I agree with what others said - classical music. :) Not too loud though of course lol.

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How to help a crying baby?

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stuff like nursery rhythms, like twinkle twinkle little star.

How can I get babygirl to sleep at night without screaming?
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Look up nature sounds, sounds of the human body for example breathing heartbeat and the sound of blood flowing, look up relaxing music, particularly meditation music.

How can I help my 8 year-old daughter go to sleep after having a nightmare?
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all through the night. That's a really good one!

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my baby cousin falls asleep the the band blood on the dance floor and her mom is such a prep but lets her listen to it so the baby will fall asleep.
( the baby is about 6 months old)

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