What can i do to keep a 2 year old girl entertained for a day?

haha any ideas are greatly welcomed. I might bring her by my old work, set up tons of coloring stuff, and watch a movie or something.

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You can watch movies/tv, take her to a park, make crafts, make a fun snack together, finger paint, take her to a childrens museum, petting zoo, etc. Ask her what she wants to do and somehow incorperate that into your plans!

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She can't really talk to well yet haha, but where I used to work is a huge kids place :)

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Why didn't you say so? Haha, take her there! ^

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Make bracelets with those little beads and string, color, watch cartoons, play games.

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I did haha, I said I might bring her by my old work :) I used to work at a crazy awesome kids place haha. I'll get her in for free to so that was at the top of my list if her mama is okay with me bringing her there :)

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If its not to hot go for a walk with her in the stroller or maybe go to a park

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Well if you have a Chuckie Cheese kiddie type place, a free zoo or even an extensive pet shop, in addition to what's already posted. Otherwise, you can bake cookies or if you have the materials do a face paining on her of what ever she would like. .

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well shes two, her brain is expanding so look up games thatll help with her creativity, motorskills, you guys can do girly things. go explore. a lot of stuff will interest a two year old you just have to make sure its not too complex or shell get bored or frustrated. draw, read to her, teach her how to spell her name or something. legos. play pretend, dolls, dressup makeup..anything and everything

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Arts and crafts are fun fore them and learning games like water painting

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