Why do kids start cussing when they are, like, 12 years old?

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well i would think bcuz so many people do it now... it can also be the enviroment there surrounding themselves in or are around!

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It's part of the experience of learning new words and thinking it is cool, really. It's similar to when you're first learning words and you think certain ones are funny etc. However, I do think that 12 year olds swear WAY too much - I know I didn't at that age and that was only a few years ago!

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Because they're easily influenced by tv and the people around them.

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They think they're cool and tough when they do it.

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because it makes them feel cool and like they fit in or better than anyone who doesnt and like it gives them power.

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Bad parenting.

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Alot of it has to do with the parents and the people that the kids hang around. My dad doesn't swear, most of my friend's parents don't sear either. So neither do we, lol. I think it sort of makes a person trashy when they use profanity. I can understand it to a certain extent tho if they are upset enough.

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Parents are being parents.....

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Oops ! My keyboard turned on me ! LOL....I meant: Parents aren't being parents..... AWOL in their childrens lives....

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I don't think it's the parents fault. It's the culture. Look at all popular music it swears and talks about sex and drgs in a positve way, so kids swear, do drgs, and have sex because it's "cool"

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I've always listened to music that talks about sex, dr*gs, swearing, etc, yet I don't swear in real life, nor do I do dr*gs. It's the parents place to TEACH a child to not swear, and to teach them right from wrong.

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They're immature. They think it's hilarious lol.

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To every person here who jumped on the "it's the parents' fault" bandwagon - you couldn't be more wrong.
I raised my kids in a curse-free household. If a curse ever comes out of my mouth, it's only because I'm extremely angry (it takes a lot to get me angry) and it's never worse than a simple 'damn' or 'pissed off'. When I would hear a curse slip out of one of my kids' mouths, I have always been quick to stamp on it and correct the behaviour. My kids wouldn't swear in front of me ... but I couldn't stop them from doing it when they were away from me.
The problem is, parents can't be around their children 24/7. We aren't with them at school, or when they're hanging out with friends after school, and that's when they like to use these words ... they think it makes them look "cool". You simply can't "shield" them from ever hearing profanity. It's on TV and in movies, it's in music, it's on the streets ... it's everywhere. Unless we somehow cut off our children's ability to hear, we can't stop them from learning the words. You can't blame the parents for that.

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Read Colleen's answer she explained it perfectly. It's not the parents fault its completely social and who the kids hang our with and the pop culture

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Lack of communication and vocabulary capability or inability to express themselves into words that define their expression of emotions. Given the age, that's not suprising in the least. If you can't get peoples attention to your emotions you go for the easier popular shock value words that develop the biggest attention to expresion. For most kids the "taboo" words makes them look bigger/badder then they are. Kinda like a lizard that when threatened straightens itself or puffs itself out to make itself look bigger and more threatening, then they are. It's not much different but sadder to watch a 40 something year old, who can't verbalize a sentence without adding "f" in every one of them. From a kid to kid standpoint it may be impressive but from an adult mature standpoint it just leaves there IQ in question.

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I still don't believe that, but okay.

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Swag. They think its cool.

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because they feel it makes them seem cool and to fit in with the other kids that curse..

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