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Vick vaopr rub cough feet

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Does Vicks Vaporub on a baby's feet stop coughing?

What can you tell me about the myth of putting Vicks vapo rub on the bottom feet of babies for coughing or congestion? Does this work?


How to stop a child's coughing?

How to stop a child's coughing?


what- what does it mean when putn vapor rub on baby's feet?

ok so I've been hearing people say if a baby is sick put vapor rub on there feet?

What does this do 4 the baby and do it work on adults as well, because my lil cuzn (9 Months) is getting a lil cold and a runny nose so I put it on her feet and put sock...


Can I give 2month old baby cough medicine?

Can I give 2month old baby cough medicine?


Can I give 2 month old baby cough medicine?

Can I give 2 month old baby cough medicine?


What works on babies for a cough?

Ok I put the (baby) vicks on my lil cuzn feet. No more coughing, now she just have the running nose what other remedies can help me with this?


how do I get my 2 year old to stop coughing so much?

wordin how to get my 2 year old to stop coughin so much? I have gave him medicne put vicks rub on him in everything dont know what to do?

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Doctor giving an infant Albuteral for a cough and congestion?

Have you ever heard of a doctor giving an infant albuteral for a cough and congestion? She was wheezing... the albuteral helped with that, but will it help with the cough and congestion as well? ANy advice?


9 months, teething and can't stop coughing at night.

My 9 month old son is teething again and when he does he gets a runny nose and really drooly. The problem is that at night it drains into his throat and makes him cough nonstop. Poor little man. We have propped him, saline solutionized his nose and suc...

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Why does my 4 month old cough so much?

I have a 4 month old who EVERY time he gets excited & starts playing & giggling he starts to cough -- Now he doesn't have any nasal stuffiness & no other symptoms of the common cold. What else could it be? I was thinking Asthma possibly? But does it sh...


My 8 months old baby

My 8 months old baby always rubs her eyes whenever I'm breastfeeding her. Is it normal?

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Sick baby

I know that you can't give a 6 month old cough and cold medicine. But, is there anything I can do for her? She was in the hospital the last couple of days b/c she has rsv. But, she is coughing like crazy and I feel so bad for her.. What can I do??


9 month old

What can I give my 9 month old son for diarrea?
Also Is there anything safe to give him for a terrible cough?


Can I help my baby to crawl?

Can I help my 8 months old baby to crawl? She wants to but her feet and toes are not helping matters. She'll get up and fall back flat again. What should I do?

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Sick kids

My 3yr old got sick, then I got sick, & now my 3 mo old is sick. It's a mean cough, sore throat, & runny nose. I gave myself & my 3yr old Robitussin. What can I do for my 3mo old?


What's the best way to wake a baby to nurse?

What is the best way to wake up a baby to nurse? She's sleeping too long and I'm getting engorged. I don't get my pump until next week. I tried the hand and foot rubbing but it's not working.

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Nose bleeding

My 4 year old child has been sick for a couple days with coughs and fever. Today she is bleeding from her nose a lot. Anyone knows how to stop it, please advise.


Tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic?

Please give some tips on how to take care of a child who is energetic but easily catches colds and even coughs. How could this be permanently eliminated or really be minimized? Id like him to grow up healthy and fit.


2 yr old hair full of vaseline

My son is 2 years old and yesterday got the jar of vaseline & rubbed it all over his body, face & hair. After 3 showers his hair is still very greasy, and he hates getting his hair washed! Any suggestions on how to get this out without stinging his e...

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My toddler wont eat.

My son is a year and a half and has just gotten over being sick a week ago. When he was sick, he was sick for a week with cold symptoms, cough and a fever. Now, he still wont eat that much. He just takes one bite of pancake and a couple drinks of milk ...


Kids Doctor

tonight I called my kids doctor and they treated me like sh*t. I felt like crying.
My daughter is sick and got a bad cough and throwing up alittle.
I called because I didnt know if I should take her to er or not
they went on to b*tching at me for ...


What are these bumps on my 3yr old???

Okay so my 3yr old woke up tuesday morning with a few red bump on the side of his belly and a few on his shoulder he expressed that they itched so I put itching cream on it. Today is now friday and he has a few more on his chest I looked up chicken pox...


What should I do for my congested infant?

I have got a 2month old baby and hes unwell hes got a cold such as sore throat, sneezers, runny nose.I was told you can't put vicks on the babies skin because it will irritate them and it being strong stuff, they told me to try carvol if the baby is un...


Is my baby ready?

Okay so I was wondering if my baby is ready for rice cereal yet?
First I'll tell you a little about him, he's very alert looks at his hands and feet and sucks and trys to eat his hands. I gave him his teether ring thingy to see what he would do
And he ...


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