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Pedialyte constipation

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Can pedialyte cause diarrhea to continue?

Can pedialyte cause diarrhea to continue?


pedialyte be given to a child that is not sick as juice?

Can pedialyte be given to a child that is not sick as juice?


6 Week old Baby Constipated:(

Is it ok to use the Clear Karo Syrup? what is the difference with The Dark Karo Syrup?


What do I do for a constipated newborn?

What do I do for a constipated newborn? The pediatrician told me to give her one ounce of pedialite so I did that. It didn't help. Any thing else that will work??


How much pedialyte can I give ny 2 1/2 month old?

My baby has diahrea and the doctors said that there is nothing wrong but I want to give him something to re-hydrate. So how much pedialyte can I give him?

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9 mnth old has been constipated for about 3 wks now

My 9 mnth old has been constipated for about 3 wks now. I tried everything the dr has recommended with no results. I've even tried some family recommendations with no results. I've tried water, prune juice, karo syrup in his milk. Any advice?


How much Prune juice do I give my constipated 2yr old

How much Prune juice do I give my constipated 2yr old ??

She is in pain while passing the poo. I have read a lot of articles suggesting Prune juice as simple home remedy. I am not sure of the quantity to give.My doc suggested laxative but the const...


Infant constipation

My 1 year old daughter has been really constipated for the last 2 weeks. I called the doctor and she told me to give her me water & anything that has a lot of protein in it, but it seems like nothing is working. Does anybody have any ideas on how to ge...


Baby constipation?

Okay so my friend's baby is 3 and half months old and is 9 or 10 pounds,..possible more. That is true! And I watch him constantly grunt and whine because he can't poop. She says her doctor said just let him grunt it out.. I think the doctor is a stupid...


My son has been constipated since he was born he's 9 months old

He only has a "normal" poo once a week if we're lucky. I've used all the medicines given to me by the doctor and they havnt worked. I've tried dark chocolate, fruit and he gets enough fibre in his diet. I've tried using vasaline on his bottom and that ...


How to stop baby runs

My neighbors baby has a constipation problem, so her pediatrician has her put a laxative in her juice cup. during their play time yesterday morning, you guessed it...

My daughter got ahold of her kid's sippy cup and gulped for about ten seconds bef...


What can I feed a 4 month old?

He's very constipated.. Any advice on what what I can feed him or do to loosen his bowels?


How can I help my baby's diarrhea?

My son has had diarrhea for a while and I've been giving him Pedialyte but it doesn't help. Can you please email me back at

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my daughter is 2 months old..all she does is cry..very bad there anything that I can do that might help her?
I tried colic drops they just made her constipated


Can I give my one year old baby Nido powder milk?

Hi I was wondering since my old year old baby was recetly started on Fresh Gallon milk..She gets Constipated when I give her any kind of gallon milk and crys thru out the night and I was wondring can I give her Nido Powder milk? it says for Children 1 ...


What should I give my son for stomach pains/cramping, etc?

I'm a divorced mom and my son has been having pains in his belly for a month now. He had been in the hospital for a week, and appendicitis was ruled out. He also has fevers, vomiting of certain foods, lack of appetite, sometimes constipated, sometime...


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