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Is breast milk best for the baby?

Is breast milk best for the baby or not ?

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breast feeding

advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding over bottle feeding?


when frozen how long does breast milk last?

when frozen how long does breast milk last?

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Why do some kids bully their moms?

and pick on them? and make weird faces at them


My daughter is almost 12 sore breasts

My daughter has sore breasts is this common in puberty or should I be more concerned?


what happens when a baby has more genes from there mom than dad?

babies that tend to have more of one parents genes
what happens or what affect does it have on the baby


how can my mom make my baby stop crying?

she took him to her house for a couple of days but he's non stop crying

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Breast feed or bottle feed?

Child development course work
Wht do you think is best breast feed or bottle?


How to take care of a baby without your mom's support?

Any advice on how to take care of a baby without your mom's support??? Cause when my mom find out I'm pregnant I'm getting put out!!!


Breast feeding

Yes I need to breast feed an when to stop breast feeling a baby ab what the proper age to sen a kid to skol


Am a mom diling with 4 kids

My dugter got rape from her fosterfarther what can I do abut that am going throw a lot with her


What do you do if your mom's freind's baby had a really gross explosion in her pants and is screaming and crying?

Her mom is with my mom eating dinner? She had the stomach flu a while ago and now I kinda have it. What do I do??????!!!!!

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Is she addicted to being pregnant or is she alco-pregnant-holic???
I think it's weird having 14 kids and wanting more?!! It's just weird!!!

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I Wanna Tell My Mom I Have A Baby...

OK,so I have a 1 month old baby. My mom is all the way in Russia and she does not know. She called last night and I was going to tell her,but I chickened out. How should I say it?


Kids looks seem to take more after the mom or dad?

Do kids looks seem to take more after the mom or dad usualy? Every 1 says my baby looks exactly like me im wondering if itll change as he gets older and look like his dad more


What do you prefer, breast feeding or bottle feeding?

Breast feeding or bottle feeding?

Doing this for child development courswork
Neeed as much answears please. & if you know anyone who has had a baby and dont have them ask them please you'rll be helping my chart out muchly thanks. :)


Is it so hard to be a teen Mom?

im 15 about to be 16 and I might be pregnant what do? I do know if I am me and my boyfriend are go keep the baby... is it really as hard as people say? any teen mothers out there that can help me please

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My neice is having a baby and she wants to name it after my mom

Which is her grandma. She is having twins a boy and a girl . The boys name is going to be Micheal Loren But my moms name is Janice and had no middle name. So what would sound good with jamice? She wants janice as a middle name if at all possible but tr...

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How can I get my Mom to stop telling me how to raise my kids?

I'm am seeking a way to try to get my mother to understand she is "the grandmother" not "the mother". She keeps sticking her nose in my business when it comes to me raising and disciplining my children. How do I get her to STOP?


How canI get my mom to let me have a sleepover?

Alright so my mom will not let me have a sleepover and I think she doesn't trust me but even if that is the problem how can I get her to trust me I just feel so left out beacause almost every kid I know has a sleepover ...It's not even a different gend...


How to stop Breast Milk?

I breatfed my daughter longer than most people. She was two and three months when I finally managed to stop completely. I struggled with her to completely give it up. The problem now is that its been about 7 months since I have completely stopped breas...


Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don't have a ...


how to make you breast milk dry up real fast??

Please I need help I had my baby on dha 21..and my I just got my breast milk like 2 dfays ago..and now it starting to not breastfeeding..I want to get relive dha pain now..what can I do to dry my milk faster..

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