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Milk needed 4month

for Kids

Can I give my 6 month old baby cow milk ?

Well I gave my 6 month baby cow milk is that okay for her

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How to make a John Adams costume for my son?

I need ideas on how to dress my 8 years old son on john adams character. Him and his Class are doing some presentation. And he is doing john adams, please I need your help on how to make some kine of custom for him.


what are some fun things to do with 3 year old boys?

ok I am babysitting this little boy over the summer and he is always bored I don't know what to do with him I don't have a lot of money to go and buy him things so I need some things that we can do around the house

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Is 10-years-old too young for pantyhose?

Hi im a parent and my daughter wants to wear pantyhose at 10. She wants to wear nude colored pantyhose with strappy shoes to a wedding next weekend. Not sure if I should let her? Is 10 too young? Any advice on what nylons are good for weddings? I ...

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What to do while babysitting a 4 year old boy

Hi everyone!

So, my mom lined up a babysitting job for me today for sometime this week, and I need some advice.
Usually I babysit kids in like 2nd through 5th grade (mostly 3rd and 4th graders).
When I asked my mom how old the kid was, she said 4 ...


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