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Lil game called ill u ur

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What's in a name baby shower game?

What's in a name baby shower game?

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Why isn't a baby called a baby but a fetus?

Why isn't a baby called a baby but a fetus it is a human being???


I don't know what to call my friends baby

this question is from my freind she don't know what to call her baby and needs help?

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Should I call my son marco

I like the marco but I dont know if it sounds too cheesy?


Is duck duck goose a baby's game?

is duck duck gosse a baby game?

because my 13 year old sis still plays it!!!:)

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What can I do to stop my little girl calling me by my name?

I have a one year old and some times she calls me by my name her dad dosent even call by my name what can I do to stop her

Please help

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What can we call our webshow?

Our names are Frankie and Lydia. We are starting a webshow and we need a cool name for it. Our names don't have to be included in the title. Thanks for any help :D


My lil bros gift...

so my lil bro really wants the ipod touch but its to expensive do you guys have any good ideas for him??? please please REPLY ASAP!!


Should I let my child play video games?

Is it bad to let my child play video games on the week day when there getting good grades hes allod to play on the weekends but he wants to play on the week day because he gots good grades


What are some sleepover truth or dare games?

What are some really good games to play at a young teenagers party. something really fun and embarassing and it needs to have a lot of thrill. All girls party

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What fun things do lil kids like to do?

I am baby siting tomorrow and last time I baby sat the kids sat doing nothing a that was so gay so I wanna know what kool things I could do with the kids tomorrow.


Calling all mommies

Hi, I am in the process of potty training my son. I know I could search for tips but it is nice to hear tips from moms/dads who have gone through this process. Any tips would be awesome!! :)


Mi lil sister

I don't know what ta get mi lil sister for xmas... Shes gotten me sumting, shes 10 btw she haates hannah montana. And im on a budget 15$ max

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What games should I play when babysitting a 4 and 2 year old?

I'm babysitting a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I've babysat for the kids before but, ran out of ideas to play in the process. I need games ideas that I can play with them together while keeping them entertained.


hour video game boy play sleepover truth dare