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What are some fun babysitting activities I can do with a 4 &7 year old?

What are some fun babysitting activities I can do with a 4 &7 year old?

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babysitting made fun

what are some fun things to do when your a babysitter to keep the bored kids unbored

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What is the legal babysitting age?

What is the legal babysitting age?

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What are fun things 4 babysitting?

In february I will be starting a new permanent babysitting job. I will be taking care of a 1yr old and a 3.5yr old..the youngest is a boy and oldest a girl. What type of games or activities would be good to play with them? I will have them basically al...


what kind of talent is fun and easy

what kind of talent is fun and easy


What are some cute crafts that you can do for fun?

What are some cute crafts that you can do for fun, or with friends?

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What fun things can you do while babysitting your cousin?

my aunty is pregnant and for her birthday got a get away weekend 4 2, she is bringin her husband and can't bring her child even tho he is born she is 6 months pregnant and wants me 2 babysit 4 her when the child is born, only thing is I havnt done it b...

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What activities can I do while babysitting?

Ok, let me start off with this. I am a 14 year old teen, who has 3 nieces and 1 nephew. My parents said that I am going to babysit them soon. I never babysat before, so I really need some advice on what activities, or "to do" things, I should do with t...

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Babysitting what should I do?

Hi. I am babysitting to night and I have nothing to do with them so what could I do?


am 13 years old am I old enough to babysit?

I am 13 years old am I old enough to babysit?

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Cheap things to do with my daughter for fun?

What are some cheap things I can do with my daughter so she can have fun with her friends

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Activities while babysitting children.

What are some really fun summer activities that you can do with little children while you are babysitting? You cant take them any where, you cant play in water unless the parent is there you can play with side walk chalk but what do you do if there is ...


What can I do with the kids when I babysit?

There are all ages of kids here and I want them to be safe.


Activities for 3 year olds?

I just got a job babysitting a 3 year old boy.

What are some fun activities I could do with him?

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activites while I am babysitting?

what do I do with a two year old, then a four year old, like activites while I am babysitting?

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can a 12 year old babysit

I have a 12 year old, a 6 year old and a 7 year old. Is my 12 year old ok to babysit.

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What are some good babysitting activites?

What are some good/fun activities to do with kids ages 5-10?



My baby is 7 month old but he is not sit, I am worry when he will sit properly, what should I do?

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babysitting legal age for a kid to babysit?

does any one know the legal age for a kid to babysit? I have a very responsible 101/2 year old who babysits my 2 and 3 year old while I work. does anyone know if thats legally too young?


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