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Creative punishment lying

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Creative Punishments

Does anyone know of any good creative punishments for 12-15 year olds?

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What is a creative punishment for lighting things on fire?

I need a creative punishment for my 4 and 5 year old who think its ok to light things on fire!


creative punishment

OK, I need a punishment for a 9 year old boy who knows the rules but breaks them anyway just quietly in hopes of not getting caught. He does not respond to grounding or time outs. My frustration level is thru the roof!


What do you think about punishment when it comes to children?

How do you think they should be punished?


Punishment, right or wrong to smack kids?

Do you think it's right or wrong to smack kids when they're really bad?


Punishments for Children???

I posted a little earlier about my 4 year old. I stated an issue I was having with her, and that I don't like to give spankings unless she was doing something dangerous.

Now I am curious- How do you punish your children or what seems to work best in y...


Punishment for a 3 yr old

Can anyone plse give me some advice on how to punish my 3 yr old little boy he dont listen at all he wont stay in time out and smackin his hands dont work at all plse help me out ill take any and all advice


What are some creative things that i could do for my sons Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday?

Its in less than a month, im decorating his cakes and making mickey mouse cupcakes but i love doing hands on creative things, im just trying to think of some things that go along with his theme.


Lying parents

If you tell your child that the food pyramid recommends 5 servings of fruits AND 5 servings of vegetables a day, what would be a suitable punishment for the said parent?

a] Follow her own recommendation and be a good example

b] Go forthwith to t...


Creative Poem Help Please

Ok Im Making A Scrapbook For My Son Who IS 4 Months Old An I Want To Put A Nice Poem In It To SHhow ow Much His Father And I Love Him. I have No Idea How To Write A Poem Can Some One Put One Together For me Please


Is physical punishment OK as long as there's no mark?

A while ago my girlfriend parents froced to go to the police to confess to something stupid she did. While at the police station, her parents asked about physical punishment. The police explained to her parents that physical punishment is ok as long ...


how can we stop kids from lying?

i have lil brother,he,s 6 years old prince. he was good an pure heart kid,an still he is.but in these days he has bad habbit of lying, ofcouse i cant make children understand,they do what they like and hate what they are scared there,s any way ...


Do you think shame is an effective form of punishment?

Do you think shame is an effective form of punishment?
Like what if your school or work decided that everytime you were late you had to wear a sign around your neck or a dunce cap or something like that.

Or I was just reading this article online (publ...


Why do children get away with stuff adults are punished for?

So like, if a preschooler hit someone once in school, they don't even get suspended. All they get is a time out. If you hit a coworker, however, you get canned. I'm like wtf! I remember begging and giving a coworker $$$ to be my friend. They had my a**...


Which is the best way to punish your child when he/she misbehaves?

I have been with my partner for nearly a year now I have a 4 year old son and he has 3 daughters from a previous relationship 9, 7 and 3. We have recently found out we have another little one on the way. One concern we have is how will my 4 year old so...


How can I help my uncontrollable 6 year old?

my six year old daughter defies authority. If she doesnt get her way, she hits and throws things around her, refuses to stay in her room and except her punishment, has recently resorted to hurting herself and hitting her father, blatently says NO when ...


My 4 yr old...Need your help if you have children!

So when my daughter gets in trouble, I put her in the corner. Let me give you an example to better understand.

Today she got in trouble for being mean to her cousin whom is 5. I put her in the corner and after about 1 minute I asked her why she got ...


Pumpkin Contest

My seven year old sister is doing a pumpkin contest for school and we need creative ideas. The pumpkin has to be small painted and can't be carved.


how hard to spank my child?

I have a 7 year old child and I use spankings as a punishment. I want to know how hard to spank them and how many times... thanks

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Good baby names

I was thinking of naming my twins (Girls) Rockett Bizarre and Ivony Lyric. Are these names okay? I like them because there creative and different...


How do I tell my 13 year old daughter that I know that she is not telling the truth and that she can learn from it?

I easily got mad and start yelling at her whenever she is telling a lie.

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What to do when daughter behavior changes for boy?

daughter is lying, talking on phone, disrespectful to parentsand siblings. saying she wants to kill them, took phone boyfriend got another one.


More about my 12-year-old son and Myspace

A lot of you have answered my question about if I should allow my 12 year old son to have a myspace account. Thank you all. I have another question. The majority of you answered I should let him. Myspace has a minimum age of 14. I think there is someth...


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