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What is the meaning of yobo (korean) in english?

What is the meaning of yobo in english?


What. ╮(╯3╰)╭ means?

I am guessing is a open arms, shy, smiley face with a heart.
If is that so, what does it means?
Any idea?


A person that doesn't fight or like to

What's a person called that doesn't like to fight and/or refuses to?


What does my dream mean?

First off, I have never been able to remember a dream the next day. I had this dream a couple years back, and I have had it more than once. (Its pretty disturbing. :/) My stepdad, my mom and I all went up to a cabin. Me and my mom when to sleep, I woke...


What is your Zombie contingency plan?

What is your Zombie contingency plan? like, what would you do if Zombies attacked?


Is it true that every 4 seconds somone is born and somone dies ??

Is it true that every 4 seconds somone is born and somone dies ???


Mean neighbors, how can I get revenge?

My neighbors are really snobs across the street from our house. anyway they have accused my son of shooting out their window with a bb gun which he did not. they sent the police to my house 4 times she wouldn't even come over to talk to me about it. ...


Who's my soulmate quiz test?

Who's my soulmate quiz test?


Any nicknames that go with Selena?

Hi. As you know, my name is Selena. All my friends have a nickname except me. Any nicknames that go with Selena? Thank you.


How do you say 'dude' in german?

How do you say 'dude' in German?

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What is another word for 'cool'?

I find myself saying the word 'cool' a lot when im acknowledging something or just talking to people. I say it all the time and it's getting repetetive. What else could I say instead of 'cool'.


What is the time difference between UK and USA?

Im curious to know what the time difference is between the UK and USA along with other countries, example, India, Saudi Arabia etc Feel free to tell me as many as you can.

Why am I asking?

Well mainly so I know what times to come on funadvice so...


What is another name for "Drew"?

Real name andrew (nickname)


I am mega bored today what can I do to get rid of my boredom?

I am mega bored today what can I do to get rid of my boredom

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Is it weird to carry around or wear a mini urn with my mom's ashes?

She just recently past last month.

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Why do people hate Americans? and southerners?

Ok, I live in North Carolina in USA(East Coast). I went to London last week (great city) but I was called a 'stupid american' a few times. I'm kind and considerate of of peoples emotions. I'm not stupid, I'm very smart, I'm good at geology and many oth...


Why can't i have fun?

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What can I do about truly mean and vicious neighbors?

They terrorize me and my 2 small kids. but when my husband is around they don't have to guts to act out. how can I put them in their place and not have legal problems?


What is 5'7'' in meters?

k...well I apparently 5' 7 means 5 feet and 7 inches...
but I dunno how to read my height like that...
im what am I in "feet and inches" god this sounds so stupid!

please answer someone!


When someone asks "What race are you?" what do they mean?

I've heard that it doesn't mean your ethnicity it means something else.


Why am I scared of everything.. please, helppp!

so.. I've always really been afraid. I guess I get paranoid when I'm home alone, which I'm always home alone and I don't mind it but I still get scared, and I know the doors are locked. I have to shower with a phone and a knife and I won't come out of ...


What do bring/do at a celebration of life?

Okay Ill start with this, I work for a taxi company as a dispatcher and one of our drivers who has worked here for a long time passed away Xmas eve, and his family is not holding a funeral until spring as he has a lot of family that can not come until ...


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