What type of people get on your nerves and how do you deal with them?

Answer #1

Ones that outsmart me. Luckily the brainless trolls on here are just fun for me.

Answer #2

Drivers that get a joy from controlling the flow of traffic instead of going with the flow of traffic. They will get on the fast lane and drive a little below the speed limit because they can and pretend that they don’t notice the line of cars behind them or the honking of people’s car horns. Another version of these drivers is the tailgater that wants to make you speed by driving really close behind you and act aggravated when you are already going above the speed limit quite a bit.

Answer #3

All of them. . シ Should I name a few of those types for you?

Answer #4

I try to be a courteous driver but when someone won’t get off my tail i brake. I dont care what i cause behind me, its his fault if he hits me.

Answer #5

Yes please, starting with th worse ones first

Answer #6

I hate it when people stand in the way. Some people have a tendency to stop, stand around and dream or stop to talk on their phone… just in the tightest places.

People who go up the escalator and then stop to look around. You either have to go backwards and push everyone back down the escalator or bump into them. People who stop in the door and answer a 5 minutes phone call from their mom and do not even think about stepping aside and letting people pass. Worst are those folks who stand in the middle of the way when you are carrying something heavy or bulky. You help someone move and 4 people carry a heavy sofa down the stairs and some other idi*t is standing on the stairway and won’t go away even though it’s obvious that you can neither hold it for much longer not put it down where you are right now..

I could KICK them all.

Answer #7

People that want to start things they know they can’t finish. And people who think they can say whatever they want, just because it’s over the internet, but they would never say it to your face.

Answer #8

Lets begin with the simple ones & work our way down to the worst ones..

(1) Blanket hogs.

(2) Bed hogs.

(3) Procrastinators.

(4) People who complain about their parents keeping them on a short leash. (it’s for their own good.)

(5) Fake Money Ballers (I see a lot of these guys & their easy to spot.) Their the ones who like to pretend like they have a lot of money, but in reality “they are broke.” Or they depend on their boy/girlfriend for everything. (I could keep going on this one.)

(6) Deal/promise breakers

(7) Shallow people.

(8) Undercover Racists.

(9) Idiots who talk & text while driving and drive real slow as if their about to do a drive by. .

(10) Idiots who talk & text while driving around me or in front of me.

(11) Fake friends/fake family members. (blood is not always thicker than water & water is not always deeper than blood.)

This list could go on for days.. But right now I’m getting on my own nerves..

Answer #9

Like Elmo stated, the drivers on the road who intentionally cause unnecessary traffic. I usually deal with it by lane hopping and getting in front of them and going the posted speed limit. I’ve only ever had to get out of the car three times at a traffic light and all three, the drivers were too scared to get out.

The other type of people that get on my nerves more or less are the people who think they’re smarter than a person when they’re not. What I am saying in this is that if person A has the correct answer and person B doesn’t but thinks he does, person B will start harassing person A. It gets on my nerves when I encounter people who make it their life’s goal to prove me wrong when I already know the right answer and it makes it worse when they tell me I don’t know anything because I am not in college or am younger than them. Newsflash: You don’t have to go to school to be smart.

The final type are those that could give three sh*ts and a donkey about grammar. Now, be careful in reading this, I’m not saying I dislike those who use poor grammar altogether. If it’s one or two words misspelled or whatever, I don’t care, but when it’s entire sentences and the person talks like “Diss iz sum boolkrap”, then we have something wrong with the education system. The ones who say “It’s not important on the internet” or something similar, aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Sure, they can type like that, but the reason people correct them is so they don’t develop a habit of writing like that on school papers and their resumes. I’ve seen classmates my Senior year get failing grades for using “text speech”.

Answer #10

I don’t know where you live, but in Indiana it states under Code 9 Sub. XXI Ch. 5 Sec. 7 “A person may not drive a motor vehicle at a slow speed that impedes or blocks the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with the law.”. Here, the fine for causing unnecessary traffic or intentional blocking can be up to $1,000 AND two points on your license. :)

Answer #11

My wife is a bed and blanket hog. I procrastinate too much. D:

Answer #12

1.) People who complain about fixable things WAY too much and don’t even try to fix them. 2.) People who complain about how our governments being ran and they don’t even vote. 3.) When people are greedy with food that I BUY. 4.) People who go get fast food, grab or are given a ton of napkins, use like 2, and throw away the rest. SAVE THEM! 5.) People who push their religion on you. 6.) People who drive stupid. 7.) Kids who take advantage and are mean to nice teachers. 8.) When parents put their little children on those “back pack leashes” -.- 9.) People who stop in the middle of a busy hallway or sidewalk. 10.) People who lie for attention. 11.) People who constantly ask you for advice and never listen.

Answer #13

People who brag. People who think they’re better than everyone else. B!tches, liars, haters, and rude people. People who upload 3948343 photos in one day. People who are always looking for an argument. People who are inconsiderate. Cocky people. People who don’t discipline their kids. I’m sure there’s more that I can’t think of right now.

How do I deal with those? Usually ignore them, but sometimes I get tired of their crap, so I call them out on it or b!tch them out.

Answer #14

people who are mean for no reason besides trying to look cool, i left high school to get rid of that but there are still people like that so i just ignore/avoid them since i have more important people to worry about

Answer #15

People that judge you and think that they know who you are. What I did; I proved them wrong know they talk to me at school and try to be my friend. Point is I may have took advanced classes and I may be in band but. I could be the most fun person you will ever meet.

Answer #16

i could not even take you serious terryc this was just too funny xD you had me laughing at blanket hog being number one but undercover racist omg lmfao i exploded

Answer #17

LOL i love this

Answer #18

If anyone gets on my nerves, I generally just ignore them. It’s just so much easier to not make a big deal out of things. One thing I hate is shallowness. There’s nothing more annoying to me than someone who is conceited and thinks they’re better than everyone else. I also dislike people who always try to “one up” you. For example, it bothers me when someone asks me what’s wrong, and then compares their problems with mine in a way that makes my problems seem like no big deal. Oh man, and people who constantly complain really frustrate me. I could go on & on…

Answer #19

It actually takes a lot to bug me, but people who are rude to me even though I’m nice to them n they have no reason to be a jerk. People who aren’t open minded and also force there beliefs on others and think there was is the right way. Just people in general that think there better then others n expect to b treated right when they don’t treat others right… I deal with people by just being nice even if there jerks or I just don’t talk to them.

Answer #20

LMAO nice! :P

Answer #21
  1. People in the US who don’t even try to speak English. I really don’t care what language you speak at home or in private, but for some reason hearing someone jabber on in another language pisses me off a lot more than it should. Having to deal with customers who can barely speak English drives me crazy also.
  2. People who complain about always being broke when its their fault they are broke. I know times get hard sometimes, but if you don’t do anything to conserve money I don’t have any sympathy for you.
  3. People who complain they can’t find a job. Especially in the summer where I live. Its major tourist season for us and construction season. Over the summer is the number of available jobs at least doubles, possible triples in certain industries. The papers are FULL of ads looking for people to work.
  4. People who suck up and abuse wellfare and food stamp systems. I know people out there generally need those systems and use them correctly, but so many don’t. And I have to pay for them.
  5. Gov’t employees/agencies. Bureaucracy in general. It make it so hard to get ANYTHING done. By the time you jump through all the hoops you almost don’t want to do it. And it seems the farther you stray from being a peon, or cog in the machine - the more the gov’t likes to screw with you and make your life difficult. Of the major levels of gov’t 3 of them have personally inconvenienced me and made my life very difficult this year alone. And no I’m not doing anything illegal :P.
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