Do adults and elderly still have dreams?

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Yes, but some do not remember most or maybe even all of their dreams. Oftentimes you have to work to remember your dreams...

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Thank you

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Why wouldn't they?

what does this dream mean?
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Just curious because I asked my dad if he has dreams and he said no, but I guess I shouldn't judge off of just one person

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Ohh okay (: they do.

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Yes. My parents do. (:

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Haha thanks. :)

My dream?

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You're welcome!

Do my dreams tell me something?
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i think they still do

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That's me!!!

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Age doesn't make you less human, and all humans dream ... even those who say they don't - they just don't remember.

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I think I still do. But when I wake up I feel like I didn't have any dreams because I don't remember any of my dreams. I think since after my early 20's I've been like that. I used to remember all my dreams when I was a kid but not anymore.

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Certainly...they are people too

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Of course they do. Babies and even animals have them too.

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They are still humans so they should.

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Dreams as in aspirations? If so, then that is a trick question. They would have aspirations. But they're too senile to remember what they are.

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Yes Everyone has dreams and it doesn't matter how old you are dreams are dreams but it doesn't mean you will always remember your dream cause some time's you will dream but never remember them

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