I'm not sure whether or not to continue volleyball? Read on plz its complex c:

Ok so I just started getting interested in volleyball around March, and I’m about to go into my freshman high school year. I tried out for the team like 3 weeks ago, didn’t make it. I have always liked the sport a lot. I played basketball a lot of my life, never got amazing at it, never aimed to either. I love that sport too. But volleyball has been my main focus over the past couple of months. I did camps, really liked it. BUT I don’t see the reasons why I should continue and try out next summer. I want to improve and stuff, but I feel its on the basis that I want to excel in the sport and show those coaches that they made the wrong choice. Its a lot of time and money to continue to train, hire a personal trainer, go to camps, especially join a club. Now I know I’m not the best, but neither were the girls who made it. Should I continue or not? Please don’t say that “do what your heart tells you” because my heart doesn’t make decisions.

Answer #1

If I were you I would do it. Or at least join a sport, any sport. I don’t think it requires money to train, I played soccer and I never went to camps (we didn’t have any) and no one ever hired a personal trainer. I think you just need to practice, practice, practice, and keep trying out for the team. It’s also good to join a team because it looks good on scholarships and college applications.

Answer #2

One of my biggest regrets is not continuing to play soccer in high school.

Answer #3

thanks, really :) i hope you still play soccer even recreation like with friends and stuff

Answer #4

Just because you didn’t make the team this time doesn’t mean that you won’t make it the next time around. If you keep at it you will get better. And don’t forget that you are your best cheerleader. Head high and volleyball-it!!

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